Styling Your New Garden

Create a place which represents a pleasing extension of your new home

When you buy a newly built house, your garden is a blank canvas and starting from scratch can be a daunting prospect. Often new-build gardens have a reputation for being charmless and dull, however your garden should be a place that you enjoy and find inviting, a functional and pleasing extension to your home.

Adding decking or paving to your garden can both transform the appearance of your garden and create a fantastic outdoor space for entertaining.  By using a raised platform, timber decking provides an attractive extension of your living area that flows seamlessly into your outdoor space.

The beauty of natural stone offers endless opportunities to create unique paving solutions. As no two colours or individual pieces of stone are the same, every patio or path is unique. Fossils and natural seams of darker or lighter shades are commonplace and add to the beauty of natural stone.

Natural or artificial grass can be used to create a beautiful lawn. Artificial grass can offer the low maintenance solution than many of us desire and offers the ideal solution for our busy lifestyles. Alternatively gardeners may want a quality turf that they can maintain however, both options can create the perfect lawn.

There is more thought being given to gardens than previously, and the value of a garden that matches a house in proportion, design and ambition is now more widely seen. If these measures are factored in to the budget, then the creation of a beautifully landscaped garden will be achievable.

Just as an interior designer can make the best of the space inside your home, Apperley Gardens see the landscaping of a garden as an outdoor room and an extension of your new home.

Founded in 2004, Apperley Gardens has become a well established landscape and garden maintenance company.  We carry out the design and build of gardens for clients always ensuring the highest quality of service.

This article was kindly provided by David May, Director of Apperley Gardens Limited.

Publish date: 24/04/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder