The True Value Of A Garden

Here are just some of the advantages that come with having your very own garden

It’s not surprising that those who are about to buy their first property and part with a decent chunk of money have a list of wants and needs they want to see in the property they ultimately end up in - understandable when most people will be looking to buy somewhere and settle for the long term.

A poll of 2,000 people found that third on the list of needs and wants for a new home was a garden or outdoor space, with an impressive 72% going as far to say they’d be willing to take out a bigger mortgage in order to secure themselves their own outdoor space. The survey also revealed that more than half those asked wouldn’t even consider renting or buying a property that did not have a garden, whilst 62% regarded having some outdoor space more important than having an extra bedroom. 

However gardens do not necessarily always come cheap. Those wishing to have their own garden could be looking to pay nearly £12,000 extra on top of a property value. Those in the East of England would be willing to pay £49,600 for a garden of their own, whilst those in London would be willing to pay an eye-watering £82,700 for a garden or outdoor space. (For more information you can find it here and here).

On top of what people are already paying for a home, you’d be forgiven for thinking some of these prices seem excessive in the bid for some outdoor space, so just what are some of the reasons and benefits for having a garden of your own? 

Grow your own!

Perhaps most obvious is that by having your own garden you’re able to grow your own produce, an increasingly popular hobby among us Brits. The Coventry Telegraph report that over 1 in 10 of us already use our gardens to grow our own food, and those living in Yorkshire and the Humber, the East Midlands and the East of England in particular like to spend time in their vegetable patches.

A further 12% of Londoners also use their own little patch of land to grow their own produce too. There are many benefits to growing your own produce - you can control what chemicals and pesticides, if any, are used in the growing process, as well as deciding when to harvest your own produce. It also costs less to grow your own fruit and veg than it does to buy it - always a welcome bonus. However for many growing their own produce, it’s simply a rewarding experience to sit back and watch what they have planted in their garden grow. 

A safe haven for wildlife 

A garden or outdoor space is also a great asset to anybody who likes their wildlife and can help to safeguard biodiversity. There are many simple ways to attract wildlife to your garden, such as planting specific plants which encourage wildlife into your outdoor space.

For example butterflies will make their way to any garden that boasts a buddleia, whilst any flowering plant such as lavender will see the bumble bee make a welcome appearance. Offering a variety of food sources will also encourage wildlife into the garden - song thrushes love dried fruit, whilst sunflower seeds attract goldfinches, blue tits and chaffinches.

A composter will also attract bugs and insects, whilst also offering a useful way to dispose of some household waste such as food peelings. And of course, adding a pond into your garden will attract wildlife like nothing else, and is a magnet for the likes of frogs, newts and dragonflies. And if you don't have a room for a pond, any source of water will do the trick!

A place for pets

Outdoor spaces are not just for the green-fingered folks out there, they’re also high up on the list of requirements for pet lovers, specifically those who are actually looking to move with dogs or own pets in the future.

For even the most committed of dog walkers, a garden space can be a welcome relief on those days where there just simply isn’t the time to complete a circuit of the park, and for the majority of people with a dog or looking to own any pets that would benefit from an outdoor space in the future, it is easy to see why a garden space features high up on the priority list. 

Enjoy the sunshine!

Finally, whilst the British summertime is famously lacklustre, with only what feels like the odd few days of truly good weather, it is on these occasions that the benefits of an outdoor space really come to fruition. Rather than having to make way to an outside space such as a local park to escape being indoors all day and enjoy the good weather, having your own garden allows you to enjoy the good weather from your own home, and also affords the opportunity to invite friends and families over to spend time together well into the evening. 

For many people a garden is an extension of their living space, a space they can enjoy, develop and change over time. So whether it’s an additional £12,000 or somewhere between the latter and £83,000, for many people having their own garden space is priceless. 

So if you’re looking for a new property offering some outdoor space, new build homes with a garden offer a blank canvas for any prospective homeowner to create a space that works for them. So if you’re a foodie and very much like the thought of growing your own produce then you can kit your new garden out to fit this purpose. Or if you want to see your garden thrive as a haven for wildlife, you can design your new garden to accommodate for the many different species you’d like to see pay a visit.

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Publish date: 24/04/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder