10 Ways To Do Autumn Decor

From lifestyle blogger Jess Soothill

Once the leaves start turning brown, falling from the trees and collecting in wet puddles it is time to say goodbye to summer. Despite our love for the UK summer, for many people, autumn is the most beautiful season of the year; full of colour and beauty.
Getting your home and interiors ready for autumn can be a really easy process and you can do this by adding a few cozy autumnal touches around your house.
1/ Leather.
Add in bags of style to your home with brown leather chairs or sofas for a real country look. Soften up the space with comfortable cushions and throws ready for the fire after a long walk.

2/ Boots stand.
A stand for your muddy wellingtons is a good idea for inside the front door or in the boot room – ideal for welcoming guests too.
3/ Orange and green.
Add in autumnal colours to your home such as burnt orange cushions or a sage green rug. This instantly gives a room a warm feeling and sets the tone for autumn. Maybe change your curtains at this stage into something a little thicker and warmer.
4/ Vintage.
Add in classic pieces such a side table or a chest of drawers in a dark wood or distressed state. This will make a room feel more in keeping with the darker evenings and match well with the other autumnal décor.
5/ Materials.
Go for natural materials in your home such as wicker baskets, oak tables, wire and slate accessories for autumn. These materials are beautiful and reflective of the changes outdoors, plus they will help to bring the outside, in.
6/ Display.
Instead of flowers and blooms this season is all about twigs and foliage in vases and bottles. Go for branches with berries and keep it all very chic and simple.
7/ Nature on your walls.
If you are re-decorating then go for plants and trees on your wallpaper. Perhaps pick a feature wall in a hallway and pop up some green, fern wallpaper to really add impact.
8/ Get cozy.
Blankets, throws, cushions, scented candles and duvets all help to keep you and your guests warm during the autumn months.
9/ Laze by the fire.

Maybe this is the time to get your fireplace renewed or cleaned? If you have a log burning fire then clean it out, or have a chimney swept. Add a large wicker basket of logs beside it ready for your cozy evenings in.
10/ Get creative.

If you are having Halloween parties or dinner guests over in autumn then make your own centerpieces using foliage, leaves, twigs and candles. Or maybe fill a fish-bowl vase full of rosy apples. This will give the room a feeling of the new season and make your party that little bit more special.
How do you prepare for autumn in your home?

Publish date: 08/09/2017