Jess Soothill's 6 Ways To Style Your Home Ready For Spring

After months of cold weather and dark evenings that has kept most of us confined to the house, the onset of spring brings with it lots of joy and new energy.

When the days start feeling longer and the sunshine starts bursting through the curtains in the morning it can feel like the right time to update our homes ready for spring.
Winter makes us want to wrap up warm and drink hot chocolate. Spring however draws us outdoors more and brings with it more light in and around the home – so reflecting this within the house is key for spring.

Here are 6 easy ways to style and update your home ready for spring:

1/ Flowers.

Using bright colours will instantly inject the new season into your home. Whether it's bouquets of tulips or daffodils, or pretty potted plants, nothing says spring quite like the addition of beautiful blooms and plants in a kitchen or living area. They make any home feel instantly at one with nature and add a burst of much-needed colour. After all, spring is all about new life and growth.

Home builder Conroy Brook get this spring look just right in their show home in Halifax.
2/ Paint.

Give walls within your household a spring pick-me-up with a new coat of paint. This will make a room feel fresh, clean and bright again. You can choose on trend colours such as baby pink or soft blue, or go neutral and fresh with a coat of white. Giving the walls a lick of paint makes a space feel immediately updated and fresh.
3/ Kitchen matters.

Invest in some new kitchenware – such as a new dinner set ready for the BBQ season, or wine glasses to entertain guests once more. This will make kitchen cupboards and drawers feel clean and fresh again and ready for the new season ahead.
4/ Declutter.

If you haven’t embarked on clearing cupboards, drawers or spaces as yet then spring is a great time to start. Throw away anything from around the home that is broken and give away any unused items to charity or sell them on as second hand through sites like Preloved. 

It will instantly create organisation and order, and make you feel good too! Creating rooms that are clutter free and minimal will also make them far easier to clean going forward.
5/ Bedding.

Replace heavy bedding or winter-patterened duvet covers with fresher, lighter bedding sets. Go for colours such as white, greys or yellows. This will make your bedroom feel light and airy and will immediately brighten up the room.
6/ Update the décor.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to update a space. Buy a few key pieces and place them in your room. Remove layers and thick textures such as throws and faux-fur cushions and instead add in accessories such as vases, glassware and potted plants to let light bounce around and fill the room with sunshine. Colours such as yellows and greens look ideal in spring time.
Use the above to put a spring in your step and create a beautiful looking home this season.

Publish date: 08/09/2017