The 8 Benefits Of Decorating A New Build Home

This is the first of our guest blogs from Jessica Soothill.

You may know Jess by another name; Mummy Of Boy Girl Twins, which is her highly successful blog on parenting, lifestyle, home decor and interiors.

We are lucky enough to have Jess on board blogging for us and she will be sharing her top tips and advice for enjoying and decorating your new build home, just like she is after her big move from Wales to Worcestershire. 

So after her first hand experience of swapping a traditional cottage for a new build home, here are Jess' 8 benefits of decorating new build...

One of the great things about owning a new build property is that they are decorated to a very high standard prior to you moving in. Meaning that you can just move in, enjoy your home and carry on with your busy life!
Many people love the neutral colour schemes that they get with a new build property; this makes for a splendid, modern home. However, if you are planning on adding your own colour and style to your home, then here are the 8 benefits of decorating a new build house:
  1. A team of experts carries out the decorating before you move in, which means that it is done to a very high standard. There are therefore no imperfections or DIY catastrophes from any previous owners that you may get in an older property.
  2. The pre-painted neutral schemes (usually white and magnolia) are very easy to cover with a new colour if and when you decide to change it. Paint is easy to apply and covers well.
  3. The walls are flat and square, making wallpapering much easier and hassle free.
  4. There is nothing to strip off or prepare before you decorate – no nasty woodchip wallpaper or several layers of paint in sight!
  5. Creating features such a paneling on walls or fitting wardrobes/storage is much easier to carry out, as the walls are flat and straight and easy to work with.
  6. External walls in older properties can be difficult to drill into – new build walls are much easier to work with to fix wall hangings.
  7. Windows are usually standard sizes and are therefore practical for fitting and hanging curtains and blinds.
  8. The building management team/customer services are usually available to help with any questions or support, and guide you through any plans for decorating. Meaning that experts are always on hand for advice and tips.
Things to remember:
  • Most of the guidance is that you should leave your new build walls for a period of time after moving in before decorating, to allow them to settle. Check with your builder as to their advice on this matter.
  • Always check for cables and pipes before fixing anything.

Happy decorating!

Article provided by Jessica Soothill, Mummy of Boy Girl Twins. 


Publish date: 13/10/2017