Best IKEA Hacks

Our best IKEA hacks to help you get the most out of your IKEA buys.

Ikea offers everything you need especially when moving into a first home. But one of the best ways to make the most out of Ikea is to use the many Ikea hacks available. These hacks help you adapt and create things that will help you achieve exactly what you are after. Not only can this be cheaper but if you like getting creative this will definitely for you.

Here Are Our Top IKEA Hacks

The Bekvam Step Stool
The Bekvam step stool can be turned into many things from a bedside table to extra dining room chairs, but one of the best hacks would have to be turning it into a kids play kitchen. All you’ll need are a few door/draw knobs, black paint and white pen/paint. Paint the top with black paint draw on your hob cookers, attach the knobs to the front, add some extra toy pots and pans and you and your kids can cook at the same time.

The Fintrop Rail
The Fintrop rail can be used for a few different things but you can also use it to add some extra storage, whether it be in your office, kitchen or elsewhere in your house. All you are going to need are some hooked baskets which you can use for whatever storage you want and the Fintrop rail. A good desk tidy idea would be to place near a plug socket and have a charging station so you can plug your phone in and keep safe in a hanging basket.

The Grundtal Magnetic Knife Strip
The Grundtal magnetic knife strip can be turned into a simple organisational tool. Anything magnetic can be placed on it and keep off the floor. A great example is using it as aa toy car holder; add a bright colour and keep those toys from getting lost. For even more playroom decorating ideas read our blog here.

The Bekvam Spice Rack
The Bekvam spice rack doesn’t always have to be used for spices, there are no rules when it comes to decorating and interior design. An example for the Bekvam is to place it near your desk to keep loose items from messing up your desk. Simple but effective. 

The Knuff File Storage
The Knuff file storage can be easily turned into a multi use storage unit. Using simple tools and paint or contact paper to bring some colour to the file holder you can then place it in a corner to turn it into a stylish table and magazine holder, great for keeping your reading corner tidy.  

The Valje Shelf 
This is one for the cyclists, using the Valje shelf you can turn it into a wall mounted bike holder with extra storage space for any cycling essentials. It's a simple and effective way of keeping the bike out of the way and leaving more floor space for other essential items. This is a great one for those who have limited space and dont have a garage.

The Mongstad Mirror
If you are living in a smaller home and space efficiency is crucial for you, this may be a great one for you. Using a Mongstad mirror and a couple of hinges paired with a stool and a cover for the back of the mirror, you can have a mirror that folds down and doubles up and as a table.

The Ivar Wooden Board
Simple and easy, using 4 Ivar wooden boards and rope you can turn traditional shelving into a perfect minimalist shelving unit. Either sand down slightly or paint your boards to a colour of your choice, depending on what suits your room best and thread the rope through the shelves to create your swinging shelves. 

The Metod Kitchen Cabinet
Keeping your entertainment centre tidy is always a struggle, with excess wiring, large speakers/boxes etc. Using Metod kitchen cabinets, Ringhult doors and Utrusta hinges you can keep all those things tidy and organised. Depending on how many media players and speakers etc. you have will decide how many cabinets you need to buy.  You will also need to buy a countertop, a suggestion would be to go for an oak wood as it looks great against the white cabinets. Make sure to cut holes in the back of the cabinets to allow the wires to pass through. This hack requires more work than the others but the payoff is great. 

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Publish date: 08/09/2017