We do like to be beside the seaside, so why not bring a few coastal reminders into your home?

Interiors journalist Sharon Dale reveals some of her favourite finds and ideas.

It’s that time of year again when thoughts turn to sun, sea and decorating.  You can, of course, combine all three if you choose a coastal theme for your home.

By that, I mean parts of it. Go overboard (no pun intended) and you risk creating a themed pub effect rather than a tasteful reminder of days on the beach.

Bathrooms are an ideal place for the coastal look for obvious reasons. Go for bleached wood floorboards and panelling and team with white, blue and soft grey accessories. You could also add a convex porthole mirror. It is not only nautical but also adds the illusion of space.
Original brass effect versions from the 1950s cost from £25 via eBay and will hold their value. You can also buy new. Next has a chrome mirror for £75.

Glass fishing buoys, used to keep fishing nets afloat, bring colour and interest if you hang them in a corner of a room. You can find the original vintage buoys and replica versions on eBay from £10 each.

Miniature beach huts are everywhere so I’d give them a miss in favour of handmade driftwood boats or a mysterious “How do they do this?” ship in a bottle.

Top of my wish-list is this model sailing ship, a Windrose rigged cutter, £93, from Neptune.com.

If you fancy a feature wall then this Zingara wallpaper, £61 a roll, by Little Greene is perfect.

For the kitchen, I love this collection of “Whitby” design enamel and beech kitchenware, which is a collaboration between Wild and Wolf and Mini Moderns.  

Prices start from £9.95 for a mug. www.minimoderns.com <https://protect-eu.mimecast.com/s/NleDBhWpemKIl>

One of my favourite pieces of kitchenalia, as it features a play on words, is the “Choppy Today” chopping board, £17. It is from specialist online shop, www.coastalhome.co.uk <https://protect-eu.mimecast.com/s/bJpmBu3Ynlpuq> , which has a wonderful selection of everything from artwork to rugs, cushions, miniature boats and lighting.

I also like its Beside the Seaside sign, £9.95.

The National Trust has also excelled itself this season…in every way. If you have a chance to pop into one of its shops, do. You probably won’t come out empty handed.  I like the cushions, which start from £25, and mugs from £8.

Check out Sainsbury’s too. Its homeware section just gets better and better. It has a nautical range in at the moment, including a “Shore” range of pottery with tumblers starting at £5 each.

Finally, don’t forget to DIY. Collect shells and pebbles from your holidays/days out and pop them in pretty bowls – just looking at them will remind you of where you were when you found you them.

If you are feeling artistic, you can arrange them in a pattern, glue them onto card and frame them. Or – and those around in the 1970s will remember this – you can stick them onto a mirror frame or a lamp base.
Back in the day they used plaster of Paris but we now have Hard as Nails, which is just as good.

My own favourite little bit of seaside is my collection of fossils found on the Jurassic coastlines of Whitby and Lyme Regis. Both areas run fossil hunting trips, which are inexpensive, fun and informative. The only drawback is a stiff neck from all that looking down.

Publish date: 08/09/2017