Jess Soothill On Creating A Coastal Themed Room

Many themes come and go out of fashion but one trend that seems to be a perennial favorite among designers and homeowners is the coastal look.

Many themes come and go out of fashion but one trend that seems to be a perennial favorite among designers and homeowners is the coastal look.
This relaxed and fresh style is such a classic – and many of us love it because it reminds us of exotic holidays or UK beaches, as well as memories of our childhood and spending quality family time together. It is such an easy look to achieve too and can be interpreted to your own taste.
This theme, however, doesn’t have to be reserved just for a bathroom or for seaside dwelling. You can achieve the look even if you live in the middle of a city or in a rural location.
The seaside coastal theme is all about bringing the bright, beautiful and energizing aura of life on the beach into any room.

So here are 5 ways on how to achieve the look coastal:

1/ Understated.
Try not to go too over the top with this look – there is no need to fill the space with absolutely everything related to the seaside, nor go for every pattern possible. Instead, opt for a few keys pieces and keep the rest of the room neutral and clutter free. The coastal style is at its best when it sets a mood rather than hitting people over the head with its beachiness!
2/ Colour.
White walls work particularly well for this look, and this is perfect for making a room feel fresh, light and bright. Blue is also an obvious colour in order to match sea and boating themes. Light blue or navy works as a fantastic contrast to white. In case white does not do it for you, then use beach-inspired shades like sandy beige, light cream, charcoal, off-whites or a very light yellow that inspires images of a sun-kissed beach at dawn. Light teal, orange and turquoise are perfect additions as the accent shades that enliven the space.

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3/ Materials.
Think boating and sailing textures and patterns for materials within your room. Use fabrics such as hessian, rope and wicker to accessorize the space such as with curtain tiebacks, log baskets, cushions and jute rugs. Perhaps paint a wooden floor in white to really accentuate the look. Stripes are THE look for coastal themed spaces – which you could use on a few scatter cushions or a throw. Wood (such as dark wood or oak) also really adds quality to the coastal look.
4/ Use accessories from your memories.
Pebbles, driftwood or shells from your favourite beach, or candles given as presents make great accessories for this theme. Perhaps hang the print above your fireplace that you bought when you were visiting a UK seaside destination? Or have your best photograph made into a canvass from your favourite holiday? Anything that reminds you personally of faraway places and takes you back to your memories of sheer paradise.
5/ Light.
Coastal interiors should blur the line between indoors and out or remove it altogether, so make sure that the room has plenty of windows, glass doors and skylights to allow sunshine to flood in. If your home is inadequate on these elements, consider adding them. Window treatments should also be spare and simple – such as netting or voile to allow the light to pour in.
Coastal themed rooms are beautiful and relaxing and add plenty of personality and style to any type of home.

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Publish date: 08/09/2017