Creating A Home Office Or Study By Lifestyle Blogger Jess Soothill

A few considerations for your new build home...

A great deal of modern new build homes come with a separate study area downstairs.

That, or people use a bedroom upstairs to convert into a study zone.

New build developers plan new houses knowing that a great deal of us work from home in our modern lives or have children/family members that need an area to study.

These spaces are therefore very useful and practical to work and revise in, and are perfect to use as extra home storage.

There are many benefits of having a separate area for home working or studying. It helps with productivity, as it means less distraction from the rest of the home.

Not only that but it is also a practical area to store files, paperwork and other important home documents.

As well as a place to keep PC's, laptops and other devices that the family may own.
Plus it provides an area to charge these devices - and hide away all those wires! And one of the best aspects of new build homes is that they have plenty of plug sockets! New build developers know that we need plenty of outlets in our homes for all our modern technology. This is so important when considering home working or studying.

To create the perfect home study here are a few considerations for your new build home:

Study rooms are usually small/medium sized spaces, so keep the walls light and bright with wall colours such as whites and creams - this will make it appear bigger. Plus if you do work from home then it is good to work in a bright space with plenty of natural light flooding in.

Add storage to your study, such as shelving or built in storage to keep paperwork and documents out of sight. You can also add in freestanding units or cabinets too.

Invest in a good desk. You don't need to spend a fortune but do ensure that you get one that exactly suits your needs. There are plenty of choices online or in furniture stores. Measure up before you buy and do shop around for sales and offers.

Make it homely as well as functional. A nice comfortable chair in the corner can be perfect for enjoying a cup of tea during breaks! As well as this add photographs and pictures to the walls, and rugs and throws into the room. Make it your own style even further by adding accessories and curtains/blinds too.
For more inspiration on creating the perfect study area for your new build home it can be a good idea to view a show-home to get lots of ideas and tips. The current trends and styles are usually on display and it can be useful to see the homes fully furnished.
With so many of us now online and using multiple devices, a study area is perfect for the family. And new build homes really are leading the way in helping us to live our modern lives.

Publish date: 08/09/2017