Forget Kirsty’s Home-made Home, What About Yours?

There's nothing as satisfying as being able to say "I made that"...

Over the last few years, television has spent a considerable amount of time encouraging us to get up and give things a go.

We have The Great British Bake Off to keep us all busy with baking, The Great Pottery Throw Down is there to persuade us into potting and of course, there was Kirsty’s Home-made Home.

And it has to be said, being able to say to house guests “I made that” is probably one of the most satisfying moments ever, certainly more satisfying than saying “I bought that” (and who even says that anyway?)

And when it comes to new build homes, even though you may well have picked the fixtures and fittings, chosen the kitchen and decided on the paintwork, these type of properties still offer one of the best bases to begin making your mark on.
Why, because new builds mean you don’t have to undo anyone else’s décor before you begin your own. It’s great!

Instead every choice is yours, so after the big decisions about bathrooms and kitchens are made, how about trying some of these little home-made touches to really “make your house a home”. 

Simple Sewing

First up is a tried and tested old favourite; making your own cushions. You don’t need to be a whiz with the sewing machine for this one either. As long as you can sew in a straight line, you’ll be fine.

If you’re not confident with a sewing machine then avoid buttons and zips and go for either Velcro, poppers or ribbon tie tops as your fastenings and make the most of the iron on appliqué you can buy ready made in most haberdasheries.

Trying Decoupage

From the French word Decoupe, which means to cut out, decoupage is really just an elaborate way of essentially saying collage. You can decoupage virtually any object and all you need to do it, is some scissors and then either glue, varnish or lacquer to secure the collaged and layered paper cut outs in place. This is a great one to do with the kids because once the cutting out is done, there is very little precision required.

Upcycle old furniture by covering it with stamps or maps or how about sheet music, for a vintage, shabby chic look. Or match picture frames with your décor by using the decoupage technique to cover them in the remnants of your wallpaper.

Repurposing Pallets

Pinterest is anything but short of inspiration for what to do with pallets and old crates. You can use them indoors and outdoors too. If you or your partner is handy with a toolkit, then simply screwing four caster wheels to the base of a pallet can instantly create an industrial style coffee table.

For small space gardens house about painting it your favourite colour, or matching it to your front door colour, and then standing it vertically against a wall and planting it up with herbs and flowers.

Getting Arty

Last but by no means least, how about making your own artwork to hang around your home? One super stylish idea is to frame a page or two from your favourite books. If you were an art student at school how about digging out some of those old art pads and framing one or two of your old favourites.

Again if you have the time this can also be a great activity to try out with the kids too. Go for a Jackson Pollock style and drop paint down on to canvases or try something more abstract with spray paint and masking tape to create bold geometric patterns.

Have you handmade anything for your new home?

If so, let us know on our Facebook and Twitter channels, we’d love to see how you’ve made your house a home…

Publish date: 09/10/2017

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