How To Add Personality Into A New Build Home

5 Top Tips From Blogger Jess Soothill

There is no better feeling than getting the keys and moving into a brand new home fitted with the latest items and rooms that are completely flawless and untouched. When buying a new-build property you get the same feeling when you buy a new car – absolute un-spoilt perfection.
There are a few easy ways to inject your particular individuality into a home and put your own stamp on it and injecting your personal tastes and styles makes your new-build house really feel like your own family space.
Here are 5 ways to achieve this in your new-build home:

1/ Colour


(Beal Homes prove they're not afraid of colour in their show homes across Hull)

Most new-build homes are decorated throughout in magnolia, which is pleasant and a superb neutral backdrop. However, by adding your own personal colour preferences this will give every room an individual feel and make it unique to you.
Choose a paint colour or wallpaper that you love, no matter how bright it is! You can then work with this throughout other features of the room such as bedding, curtains and decorative furnishings.

2/ Get creative


(Jess' own preloved Chesterfield chair proves she practices what she preaches using second hand and upcycled furniture in her own new build home)

If you are creative or DIY savvy you could up-cycle or make your own furniture and storage. Buying brand new furniture for every room in a new-build home can be expensive, so try painting your existing furniture to give it a unique feel. It is really trendy to take old bits of furniture, which can then be painted or sanded down, for a shabby chic look. This gives you a distinctive feel, offers you many options and can be done on a budget.
You can also shop around in charity shops, second-hand stores, antique shops and online for unique pieces of furniture to really add your own stamp onto your home.

3/ Artwork

Artwork, prints and pictures instantly add a homely and unique feel. Perhaps use photographs of the family to display on the walls, or the places you have been to, as this makes the house feel more homely and exclusive to you. Similarly, pick up artwork and pieces from your travels and trips that are unique and individual to your family.

4/ Reflect your passions


(Miller Homes took their inspiration from the family pet in this canine inspired bedroom design)

If you have a passion then inject this into your home, such as sailing, travel or wildlife. Use this theme and add accents of it into your home via decorative accessories into the room – such as photographs, cushions or sculptures.

5/ Landscape the garden

Adding personality outdoors will also help to make a new-build home feel more welcoming and unique. Gardens are often an extension of the home and a place to enjoy during the warmer months.
Start by drawing up a plan of what you would like out there – such as a play area for the children, an entertaining area, vegetable patch etc and then sketch it all out. Gardens take a lot of time to develop and create so don’t rush into it. Instead make sure that all your needs are catered for and do have fun in the process!

Publish date: 08/09/2017