Interior Design Trends For 2016

What will we be seeing on the high street, and in magazines? And what will influence us for styling our own homes?

This year we have seen the rise of some cool trends. Copper has been a really strong influence within interior design this year – more and more homes have been using it within their decoration and accessories.

The simple Scandinavian/Nordic trend has also been highly sought after – think whites, creams and natural materials, all bringing a cool, sophisticated, minimal look.
But what about next year? What will be on trend? 
What will we be seeing on the high street, and in magazines? And what will influence us for styling our own homes? So here are my trend predictions for 2016; the styles that I believe we will be seriously hot in interior design for next year:

Back to nature:

Bringing ‘the outdoors in’ has been growing steadily in popularity throughout this year and will continue to thrive going into 2016. Think large houseplants, plants suspended from the ceiling and small plant life in stoneware pots. Green and white colour schemes will compliment each other. Nature prints will also continue to be popular for wallpaper, giving our homes a feeling of being ‘at one with nature’.


Gold metallic finishes may in fact steal the crown away from copper next year. Since Apple brought out the rose-gold iPhone, everything else has also gone shiny. Gold is warm, and yet is very indulgent and plush. We will be seeing more metallic accessories around our homes for 2016. These will look stylish with soft colours such as greys, creams and duck-egg blues and work well in living spaces and bedrooms.

Clashing it up:

Mixing up textures is currently very popular. For example, in a kitchen going for concrete flooring, wooden worktops and then mixed with bright Perspex accessories. Clashing materials works really well and can make for interesting spaces and be ideal for injecting colour. It is also perfect for the ‘old-meets-new’ look, where you have a stark, modern room and then add in a period chair, sideboard or rug.

Moroccan influences:

Think tiles and crockery embellished with blues and oranges, in striking prints. For kitchens, bathrooms and flooring. These will be used to make a statement in rooms, and for brightening up the dining table. To really stay on trend mix-and-match all your crockery/earthenware too. Tres chic.

Do it yourself:

Upcycling has been trendy and fashionable for a long time now. But with the steady rise in popularity of TV shows such as Kirstie Allsop’s Homemade Home, magazines such as Mollie Makes, and craft blogs, we are seeing more folk reaching for chalk paints and painting their old furniture.

This has also been encouraged by websites such as Freecycle and eBay where you can buy unwanted furniture for next to nothing, and then turn it into something beautiful. Making and creating items for around the home will continue to be really big for 2016.
And there you go! So do watch out yourself for the key trends and the drifts for 2016, and do enjoy styling your own home. And above all, have plenty of fun!

Publish date: 08/09/2017