It’s Goodbye Hygge And Hello Lagom

And The Proof Is In This Season's Showhomes

Show homes are known for being great examples of the latest interior design trends so, what can you expect to find behind the front doors of this season’s show homes? Well one thing’s for sure…we’re saying bye bye to Hygge this spring.

You remember Hygge right? Hygge is a Danish concept all about comfort and contentment and it was hugely popular for Autumn/Winter 2016. Moving on into 2017 we staying with the Scandinavian theme but moving out of Denmark and into Sweden where life is all about Lagom.

Balanced Contentment

Lagom is a Swedish concept and it concerns itself with the simplicity of life and it covers far more than just your home, it’s also about food and sustainability. The aim of Lagom is to surround yourself only with what you really need and be content with that minimum.

The idea is that by embracing what you have and learning to enjoy it, you will replace the yearning for what you don’t have. So in many ways the foundations of Lagom are similar to those of the Danish concept of Hygge.

A good mantra for maintaining a Lagom lifestyle is “enough is as good as a feast”. It’s not about denying yourself what you want, but it is about being conscious of what you already have and making the most of it. Recycling, upcycling, eating well, growing your own, saving water, keeping fit, putting family first, enjoying colour, keeping calm, taking your time; these are all ways to bring a little more Lagom into your life.

In the home, Lagom is about treasuring family. So open plan living spaces are a must and balancing the functional with the beautiful is a great way to enjoy a minimal lifestyle without descending into a utilitarian look and feel.

Lots of light and glass is also important for bringing the outdoors in and bridging the gap between these two aspects of life. Rustic woods, warm neutral tones are great for achieving the ultimate feeling of Lagom and to give a subtle nod to the importance of nature for a happy life.

One homebuilder already embracing the concept of Lagom in their show homes is Redrow Homes, so new home buyers can expect to see lots of plants (another key interior design trend for 2017), neutral tones, natural materials like acacia wood, cotton and wool, simple shapes and functional but beautiful finishing touches.


Publish date: 08/09/2017