Bring A Little Mardi Gras Style Into Your Home

You need purple for justice, green for faith and gold for power.

The classic Mardi Gras colours are purple, green and gold. Purple for justice, green for faith and gold for power, as chosen by one of the early carnival kings.

These three colours are just one of the iconic visual treats commonly associated with Mardi Gras.

Combining these colours is perhaps the easiest and most obvious way to introduce a little Mardi Gras style into your home.

You can be as bold as you like, opting for statement pieces in each colour to create contrasting colour blocks in your space. 

Or for something more subtle, look for fabrics and wallpapers that use all three colours within them. Checks are a great example of how to get the look without going over the top.

We just love the stong purple featured here in this interior posted by Interior Hintent via 

Wool Tartan Plaid Check Fabric in Olive and Purple from The Mill Shop Online
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Another infamous tradition is the throwing of beads. Traditionally these beads were glass and so there was less throwing and more “carefully giving” of beads however, thanks to modern advancements and the arrival of plastics, now it really is a case of tossing the beads out into the crowd.

Originally the idea was to throw a string of beads to someone who most reflected the character of the colour. So to someone powerful you would throw gold beads and to the faithful, green.

After Mardi Gras, you can upcycle all the beads you catch into really striking and beautiful pieces for your home. You can use the beads individually to add a little (or a lot of) surface decoration to ornaments and furniture, this will create something that is eye-catching, beautiful and of course unique.

Another great idea is to frame your beads, creating a piece of individual art work for your walls without the effort of getting too artistic. A simple mosaic technique can be really effective. Or how about just using them as curtain tie backs for that little extra finishing touch?

Gas Lights In The Night, featured on Galeria Alegria

Masks and feathers are also synonymous with Mardi Gras. They were used by the carnival goers to disguise their true identities so the upper and lower classes alike could interact with one another and enjoy the festivities without the pressure of societal norms and politics. Masks have long been used in home décor to adorn walls, but bringing feathers into your home décor can add a really quirky edge, especially if you combine them with lighting.

Torches and pyrotechnics also feature heavily at Mardi Gras, representing the traditional use of torches to light the path for the floats after dark so the party could continue into the night. Using feathers on lampshades can create soft, warm light than can soften a room. Picking peacock feathers is the perfect way to combine the Mardi Gras colours too.  

So, if you fancy indulging in a little Mardi Gras spirit, why not do it in style at home?

Publish date: 08/09/2017