New Arrivals, Nesting & Nurseries

Jess Soothill talks new beginnings, new arrivals and how to decorate the perfect nursery.

If you’re expecting a baby then your attention might be towards creating a beautiful, peaceful nursery room for your new bundle of joy. Getting the décor and practical aspects right is important, but it is also a very exciting and lovely process too!
Colour-wise, grey is still very much on trend within our homes, and it remains a popular choice for a baby’s nursery. Paler shades of grey are soft and calming and make for a serene yet stylish space. The colour works perfectly in an older style property as well as in a sleek, modern home.

The colour grey also sits well alongside pastels such as pinks and greens and is ideal to transition with your child as baby gets older and requires a more grown up room. Putting yellow with grey can be a really stylish but cute combination.

Yellow is bright and light and super sweet for babies.

Patterns such as stars, stripes or chevrons also seem to work really well with the colour grey too. Don’t be too afraid of adding a pattern or two into the room by using wallpaper, wall stickers, rugs or curtains, even if you have a small room, as these will give the space more depth and personality.
Neutral colours also still remain very popular for little ones bedrooms, and never seem to go out of fashion. Whites and creams are super practical and the paint is easy to apply to walls, as well as looking fresh, clean, stylish and cute. They form a great base in which to then add your own character into a room.
Adding accessories into a nursery can help soften the room, and make it more comfortable. Items such a soft fluffy rug, cushions, pretty bedding, curtains and prints all help to add warmth. Decorative accessories can transform a space without being expensive, so do shop around.

Despite their size babies also need a great deal of storage for all their products and clothes! If you can, then add in a wardrobe with hanging space and shelving, plus space for little shoes at the bottom. A chest of drawers is also perfect in a nursery for storing away nappies and creams and little items such as vests and babygrows.
Wooden floors are stylish and practical in a baby’s room. If you are going for carpet then do select one that is comfortable and yet hard wearing.
Themes are also very popular for nurseries – plus they can fuel your imgation and you can get creative. Popular ones include woodland or a zoo animals theme. If if you know the gender of your precious baby then perhaps a room fit for a princess, or a nautical theme for boys.

Have fun and enjoying creating your perfect space this spring!

This article was written by lifestyle & parenting blogger Jess Soothill. Read more of Jess' parenting posts on her own blog Mummy of Boy Girl Twins.


Publish date: 08/09/2017