Opposites Attract When It Comes To New Build Homes

Just like traditional and modern tastes can complement one another, so too can several other opposites...

As Sharon Dale recently investigated for New Home Finder, when it comes to choosing a new home, buyer’s want the best of both worlds: traditional on the outside and the exact opposite on the inside. But that’s not where the opposites end in home décor and house design.

Just like traditional and modern tastes can complement one another, so too can several other opposites, especially when it comes to decorating.

Here are our top 5 opposites for new home décor:

1.Balance Light and Dark Colours

Too many dark shades in a room can lead to a lack of light and a sense of Victorian seriousness, too many light shades and things can start to feel clinical but mixing the two is the perfect way to avoid the extremes but without sacrificing the wow factor.

Firm favourites among interior designs include navy blue and cream (or for something braver how about orange?), deep purple and soft grey and of course the classic black and white monochrome style.

The interior designers at Avant Homes used light and dark colours brilliantly in their show homes to really make a statement. Their living room design at the Apperley Green development on Harrogate Road, Bradford used a golden yellow alongside strong black furniture.

Paired together, the black really makes that gold/yellow pop and thanks to the neutral background the room really has a sense of style and presence, nothing is hiding in here.

2.Mix the Expensive and the Not so Expensive

This is one of the best interior design tricks in the book. By carefully selecting one or two higher value, statement pieces and mixing them among less expensive items, you can create an overall feeling of luxury. It is the age old motto of a little goes a long way here.

A good example comes from Rachael who spent a whole year saving up and carefully choosing the perfect statement sofa for her new build flat in Wakefield. After finally settling on the Lois 3 seater Chaise from Barker and Stonehouse she made it her own by adding a few homemade cushions.

By cleverly matching the fabrics of her cushions to the fabric of the sofa and her homemade curtains, she was able to create a whole living room that said expensive, co-ordinated and original, but without the hefty price tag.

3.Contrast Refined Pieces With Rougher Ones

Imagine displaying a lovely bone china, vintage tea set atop a rustic coffee table upcycled from old railway sleepers, by mixing this refined and delicate tea set with the much sturdier, rougher table you can create a visual contrast that makes the already refined look even more beautiful.  

It’s also a handy time for helping create a more eclectic style that is visually and texturally interesting.
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Publish date: 08/09/2017