Styling and Decorating An En-Suite Room

What should you consider, when selecting tiles and styles, and for decorating your en-suite bathroom?

An en-suite bathroom is the ultimate luxury for any home. And what is superb about larger new-build properties is that en-suites are usually included in the design.

Lots of developers do try to add as many bathrooms and en-suites as possible into new-build homes without compromising on space because they know how much we love to have them in our homes. 
To be able to go from your master or guest bedroom straight into a beautifully designed en-suite bathroom is such a great advantage. An en-suite is so practical too, usually meaning that there is less of a need to share bathroom space with other family members. No queuing for a shower in the morning! 

But what should you consider, when selecting tiles and styles, and for decorating your en-suite bathroom? 

1. Size.

First of all, think about the size of your room. Most en-suite bathrooms are usually on the smaller side. It is therefore important to make use of every inch of space with fittings and storage, such as bathroom cabinets and shelving. Try to make sure you aren't wasting any space. Hidden storage, large mirrors and shower racks, are a good way to de-clutter and open out a small en-suite bathroom.
If you have a larger en-suite, you could add some fantastic features, such as freestanding vanity consoles, chairs and accessories. These items make the space more inviting and sumptuous. And make it feel like an extension of the bedroom.

2. Colours.

A neutral scheme on the walls (such as magnolia or white) makes a space feel far bigger and lets in more light. This is particularly useful in smaller areas. You can always add in bursts of colour, if you wish, with towels and decorative accessories, (such as vases or pictures). 


Selecting neutral coloured tiles also makes the room look clean and light. Popular colours include white, cream and grey. Try to avoid very textured tiles, as these are harder to keep clean. If you do want a patterned tile then be careful in a smaller space that it doesn't dominate the room - plus your taste may change further down the line! If you do keep things simpler within the bathrooms and en-suites then it will also be more attractive to potential buyers if you do ever want to sell your home in the future.
3. Floor.

When buying, you are usually given the option to select the kind of flooring that you would prefer in your bathrooms and en-suites in a new build home, prior to moving in. Floor tiles are the most practical - they wipe clean, are easy to keep dirt-free and they are also hard wearing. But they can be the more expensive option. Alternatively you could go for laminate or vinyl, which is cheaper, and comes in a range of colours and styles.

Viewing new-build show homes or looking online for sources of inspiration before you make any final decisions is advisable. There is a wealth of resources to help you make your styling decisions.
With modern living, and families therefore requiring more space, en-suite rooms are very desirable in homes. So the new-build option can be advantageous if you are seeking such a design from your own family home. 


Publish date: 08/09/2017