10 Ways To Brighten Up Your Home

From lifestyle blogger Jess Soothill, Mummy of Boy Girl Twins

When winter fades away and we get sunnier, warmer weather outside our home often needs a little pick-me-up too on the inside. Making your home feel and appear lighter and brighter is easily achieved and needs little expense or effort. Welcome in the sunshine into your home this season with our 10 steps guide to making your home light, fresh and spring-like.
1/ Flowers.

Display fresh flowers anywhere and everywhere throughout your home! In vases or simple jam jars. This will add instant colour and a fresh, beautiful scent to your home.
2/ White paint.

Give walls within your home a spring pick-me-up with a new coat of paint. Go neutral and fresh with a coat of white. You can then add in colour with home accessories such as cushions, flowers and prints. Giving the walls a lick of white paint makes a space feel immediately updated, bright and fresh.
3/ Dining.

Give your table a refresh with a new tablecloth and some new dinnerware. This will instantly brighten up meals and entertaining.
4/ Blinds.
Go for blinds instead of heavy, long curtains, which can block out the light even when open. Blinds can be a cheaper alternative and they come in many different varieties and styles too.
5/ Plant life.

Add in striking green colours with the use of house-plants, which is really on-trend at the moment. Get low maintenance plants that like to be indoors and put them into white pots for a pop of brilliance.
6/ Keep the glass clean.

I am forever cleaning grubby fingermarks off our kitchen doors that the children have made! But when they are clean they look amazing and let so much light in. Invest in a window cleaner too if you can as the outside often gets neglected and can also make a big difference to lighter rooms.
7/ Open the windows.
Whenever it is a sunny day get those windows open and let the room breathe. It will make the room feel brighter too.
8/ Reflection.
Use mirrors in hallways, living spaces or bathrooms to reflect the light. The bigger the better! This will help make the most of lighter, longer days and reflect sunshine back into the room.
9/ Open plan.

Less walls means more light and makes the space feel larger and brighter. Great for bright, airy, modern living.
10/ Coats.
Clear away heavy winter coats and wellingtons from hooks and racks and put them away. Coats hanging up on hooks by doorways can block out the light. Be as minimal as you can!
Now relax, sit down and take in the distant lawnmowers, chirping birds and playing kids. Ah, the sounds of spring.

Publish date: 08/09/2017