They Call It Mellow Yellow But It’s Anything But.

Interiors journalist Sharon Dale reports on the rise of the sunshine shade.

Grey is still the neutral of choice when it comes to the most fashionable walls. Of course, the whole point of being a “neutral” is that you go with pretty much everything, but there is one colour that is a perfect match for the sunshine shade.
Yellow and grey are yin and yang. One is calm and laid back, the other is loud and full of verve. Yellow also looks fabulous with soft lilac and packs a punch when teamed with black.
It’s a colour I’m seeing a lot of this season as homeware retailers launch their latest collections.
I have painted a whole room in it with very pleasing results…er, in my humble opinion. The bright buttercup certainly added some zing to the sitting room in my first home, a tiny one-bedroom cottage. I teamed it with a blue sofa and some vivid Sanderson curtains bursting with bold florals for extra oomph.
If you go for a scheme as loud and adventurous as this be aware that some people may find it hard to live with or even to look at for a short period of time. Visitors will almost certainly comment on it and some will insist that you justify your bold choice.
Colour therapists say that it is a very energising shade but while a hint may be mentally stimulating, too much can be tiring for some. All over, floor-to-ceiling bright yellow is generally a love it or hate it scenario.
However, you can tone down the intensity or simply paint one wall. Teaming it with the aforementioned grey or a dull greige always works a treat but steer clear of bright red as the two colours will fight for dominance and your room could look like a small branch of McDonald’s.

One bright yellow wall is probably quite enough. Furniture from

If you are looking for inspiration, then I suggest you have a browse on the Little Greene company’s website. Their shades of yellow range from the glam “Light Gold” and the brighter than bright “Trumpet” to the ochre-ish “Mister David” and the charmingly named “Custard”. All the paints are eco-friendly. While you are on the site, have a look at the room sets in the “Inspire Me” section.
If the thought of a yellow wall horrifies you, then play safe and simply use it as an accessory.
The table, pictured, is painted in Hot Mustard by Sandtex and looks sensational against the dark grey backdrop. This Haresfield sofa from Sofas & Stuff is a bold statement that would elevate a grey room.

Table painted in Hot Mustard by Sandtex

Haresfield sofa from Sofas & Stuff

While yellow isn’t the obvious colour for a bedroom, a soft shade like the one on this Elements duvet cover, from £18 from Dunelm, is relaxing. I love the “Hello Sunshine” cushion too. It’s a bargain at £12.

Duvet cover and cushion from Dunelm
On the top of my wish-list is this gorgeous humming bird lamp, £215, by Anna Jacobs, which comes with a handblown crystal base.

Hummingbird lamp from Anna Jacobs

More in line with my budget is this cute Daisy frame, £17.50, from Marks & Spencer’s new spring range.
And, finally, proof that yellow and black look lovely together is this zebra cushion, £6, from George Home at Asda.

Daisy frame, £17.50, from Marks and Spencer’s new spring range.

Zebra cushion, £6, from George Home at Asda.

Publish date: 08/09/2017