Top Interior Design Styles for A/W 2015

Autumn is officially upon us – and now is a perfect time to buy a new home. If you are buying a home this year or have already purchased a new home, here are some of the best style tips to get your home ready for winter 2015.

1)    Cosy Christmas

This trend is all about colours and fabrics – mulled wines, golds, warming berries, teals and fudge are set to be key colours for interior design this winter. Think the ultimate cosy Christmas cottage complete with tweed fabrics, traditional checks, rich autumnal russets and bold darker designs. Candles and lighting are also key for this look to create a warm textures and softness. If you are also buying furniture then distressed wood is key for this look.

2)    Opulent Elegance

A trend that has been at the forefront of interior design for 2015, modern luxury is again set to be a big influence in this seasons interior design styles. Think subtle greys, off-whites, monochrome and teals all complemented with subtle metallic or lace finishes to give a sense of opulent elegance throughout the home. Clean lines and geometric prints will play their role but will be softened with fine embroidery and elegant features. Luxurious fabrics with dainty detailing paired with oversized accessories will create a modern yet timeless feel to your home.

3)    Traditional Countryside

Floral designs have become synonymous with the older generation however, another huge trend for this season is a modern take on the traditional floral designs. Think purples and greens from more of a chalky palette to soften the look. Complimented with traditional floral materials, velvets and rural creams. This look is all about statement pieces – chunky frames, mirrors, standalone chairs adorned with throws etc. Nature will play a huge part in trends so try hanging heathers / fresh lavender to complete the look.

4)    Wallpaper

Wallpaper went out of fashion a while ago– mainly due to its prohibitive nature – trust me if you have ever tried to get wallpaper off, you will know what I mean! The use of wallpaper creeped back into homes for feature walls but it is set to make a big return this winter. Ranging for the bold and traditional to the simplistic and elegant designs, wallpapers will add warmth and texture to your new walls. Try sticking to geometric prints for feature walls and more simplistic natural designs for all walls.  

5)    Frames

Large oversized prints, chunky frames – and lots of them! One of this season’s top interior design trends is all about quirky artwork. Whether you are creating a feature wall littered with a mirage of varying sized frames and prints or placing all your favourite frames on a shelf; this season will all be about display.


Publish date: 08/09/2017