South Ribble: The Best Place To Live If You’re In Your 20s

Name: South Ribble.

Age: 43.

Population: 109,000.

Appearance: Non-metropolitan district in Lancashire.

Never been. What’s it like? It’s the best place to live in Britain.

Is it really? No, sorry – I meant, it’s the best place to live in Britain for people in their 20s.

Is it good for clubbing? It has an active Rotary Club branch, yes.

Are there lots of those coffee shops selling exotic lattes with no actual coffee in them? Not sure what you mean. But there’s a Starbucks in Walton-le-Dale.

Well, then, is it full of derelict buildings housing illegal pill factories? It doesn’t say anything about that on the council website. There are plans for an Ikea, though.

Why on earth would the young people of today be attracted to such a place? It’s cheap.

That’s it? That’s the main reason. The average house price in South Ribble is £157,000 – that’s £138K cheaper than the national average.

Are there any other reasons? According to Channel 4’s The UK’s Best Place to Live, South Ribble is bursting with employment and green spaces. And the area has a surprising number of residents in the 20-30 age bracket.

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Release Date: 22/02/2017

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South Ribble: The Best Place To Live If You’re In Your 20s