The Summer Months Can Be Such Fun With Children...

But what exactly is there to do in the summer – as a family?

The summer months can be such fun with children; the warmer weather means that the whole family can get out and about and are no longer confined to the indoors. Summer makes for more fun-filled days. 

But what exactly is there to do in the summer – as a family?

Here are 40 ways you can enjoy the weather (or even when it is raining) and make the most of the summer months as a family:

1.    Go to the park 

2.    Go to a festival – there are many that cater for children and you can make it a family event

3.    Have a picnic in the garden

4.    Go and buy an ice cream at the beach and make sandcastles and paddle in the waves

5.    Visit a museum

6.    Have a book day – read as many as you can!

7.    Make a den by hanging sheets from the clothes horse and then snuggle up underneath with books or toys

8.    Go geocaching in your local area and hunt down some treasure

9.    Go to soft play and all whizz down the slides!

10.    Go for a family bike ride

11.    On a hot day, put your swimming costumes on, fill up the paddling pool and have plenty of fun in the water!

12.    Make your own lolly-ices using moulds and juice

13.    Visit a local theme park for the day and go on all the rides

14.    Visit the local garden centre – pick up some new plants and grab a coffee!

15.    Head to a nearby farm park and feed and pet the animals

16.    Get the play-doh out, or make your own!

17.    Go and visit a local town and discover new things

18.    Go and visit an elderly neighbour and take them a drawing/painting as a gift

19.    Go to the cinema, or stay at home and watch your favourite movie with a bowl of popcorn

20.    Go swimming to your local swimming pool

21.    Visit a pick-your-own farm and gather baskets of fresh fruit and vegetables

22.    Make some greetings cards for family members and friends who have upcoming birthdays

23.    Bake cookies or cakes together and then enjoy eating them afterwards!

24.    Go through and sort out old toys and box them up for charity

25.    Go for a long walk in the countryside with a dog (borrow one if you haven’t got one!)

26.    Paint some pictures for hanging on the wall

27.    Set up a tent in the garden and then eat your dinner in there

28.    Go on a Gruffalo hunt into the local woods and see if you can find any footprints

29.    Wash the car

30.    Make your own pizza and add you own toppings!

31.    Make a water table in the garden filled with bubbles and wash all the toys!

32.    Hop on the train and visit a nearby attraction

33.    Visit a National Trust or English Heritage site – most are great for families and also have beautiful gardens

34.    Play board games together

35.    Find a child-friendly restaurant and have lunch out together

36.    Go to the funfair and eat candyfloss 

37.    Go out with cameras and take pictures of the local scenery

38.    Plant new plants in the garden together and create a little herb garden or vegetable patch

39.    Arrange a play-date with friends

40.    Make bird feeders and hang them in the garden – and see which birds visit to eat them

So what are you waiting for? A marvelous summer for the family awaits!

Article provided by Jessica Soothill, Mummy of Boy Girl Twins. 

Publish date: 22/09/2017