Creating Better Storage In Your Home

There are lots of low-cost and easy ways to create more storage in and around the home without involving much DIY or effort.

Whenever the New Year arrives it always feels like a good time to get more organised and ordered, don’t you think?

Achieving more of a clutter-free and minimalist home and garden feels cleansing and gets us in the mood for new opportunity and focus. But how do you go about de-cluttering your life?

It is easy to wade straight in with a few bin bags and boxes and start clearing rooms, but here are some great tips on really maximizing the space you have with some handy storage advice.
Before you plunge in, take an individual room and really focus on making this room more functional than it currently is.

Truly take time to decide how you want it to look at the end of all your efforts. Perhaps a home gym, or an office - or simply creating a more functioning kitchen. Use mood boards to plan your ideas. You will have a better focus and end goal this way, and be far more inspired to achieve results. Rather than just using it as a tidy up exercise.
There will no doubt be many items around your home that you don’t use very often and keep ‘just in case’. Ask yourself - will I ever use it again? Unless you use it a lot, chances are you probably don’t need it. Give away articles to charity or family, sell possessions online, or if it is broken beyond repair then throw it away.
Once you have cleared and made more room, there are lots of low-cost and easy ways to create more storage in and around the home without involving much DIY or effort. Such as:

1. Shelves 

In the kitchen for jars and cookbooks, or in the home office for books and paperwork. Shelves are a brilliant use of space and mean that objects can be more handy and easy to reach too. You can buy all shapes, sizes and colours to fit any kind of area.

2. A shoe rack in the hallway or utility room

These are ideal to get muddy boots and wellingtons out of the way for welcoming guests. You can purchase ones that have many tiers, which is a clever use of space and really helps to keep all those shoes away from the walls and doorways.

3. Hooks

Erect hook rails in the hallway for coats and keys, or in playrooms for kids dressing up clothing. Ones that simply peel off and stick to your walls are great for keys, or for hanging items like torches and tools in the garage too. You will never lose your keys again!

4. An ottoman in the bedroom 

These are ideal to keep bulky bedding and spare duvets, which take up a lot of room elsewhere.

5. Storage tubs

If you have young children then toys can take over your home! Use storage tubs to toss all of the toys and games into at the end of the day and your home will feel much tidier as a result. You can buy inexpensive plastic ones or get some textured/wooden ones to match your home décor.

6. An outside storage box

These help preserve your external items such as the BBQ, furniture and planters by keeping them away from the winter elements. Plus they make sure outside looks neat and tidy when they are not in use.

7. Plastic containers

For use such as under the kitchen sink for all your cleaning products. Meaning no spills or accidents.
If you do have the budget then you could get the experts in for more custom-built storage. Fitted wardrobes are ideal in master bedrooms as they really maximize the space and use every inch of the walls.
If you have de-cluttered and created storage in every room and you still have lots of unwanted furniture and belongings, then you could put some into an external storage unit. These are ideal for clearing out rooms or storing larger items like furniture that take up valuable space. Especially if you are trying to sell a property or are soon moving home.

So good luck with all of your efforts and happy delcuttering!

Publish date: 13/10/2017