Jess Soothill's Easter Crafts For Kids To Make At Home

You can have fun together as a family and produce some amazing masterpieces!

Easter is a lovely time of year to get crafting and making with kids. There is an abundance of inspiration out there and such fun to be had for all ages. Making and creating decorative pieces for the home is such a nice activity to do over the Easter school holidays, and helps you to create a beautiful Easter themed home.
You can have fun together as a family and produce some amazing masterpieces!

Here are 4 Easter crafts for kids to make at home:

1/ Make an Easter tree
Easter trees are super cute and such a lovely idea for Easter home decor. In Germany and Austria it's customary to celebrate Easter by hanging hollow eggs from the branches of trees – and it is becoming more popular here in the UK too. They are simple but very effective and are fairly inexpensive. You need a twig or branch, and a vase. If you want to colour the branch, spray it with the white paint and allow to completely dry. Once it is dry, place it in the vase. Decorate foam or ceramic eggs and use ribbon to hang them from the branch. Pretty and elegant. This makes a perfect centerpiece for Easter dinner!

Easter Egg Tree and instructions from the Martha Stewart website.

2/ An Easter bonnet
Easter bonnets are such a traditional craft to do with kids, and you can be as creative and extravagant as you like, or keep it simple. Using an old hat or cap, glue or staple to add accessories such as cute fluffy chicks, straw, eggs or feathers to it. This is such fun for the children and they can add as many items as they like!
3/ Easter cards
Get the children to make Easter cards for their loved ones, such as grandparents, teachers, neighbours and friends. These are such a lovely gift idea and so simple and cheap to make. Use coloured card, stickers, glitter glue or paints and then let the children paint or draw Easter characters onto the cards. You can give them out with presents or simply display them around your home to give your house a spring makeover!
4/ Easter bunting
Cut out shapes such as a bunny rabbit or Easter eggs and attach them to a long piece of string. Use washi tape to stick it to the wall or a shelf. This can be displayed in a playroom, kitchen or bedroom for the children. Children will love helping to cut out and colour them in and sticking them onto the string.

Easter Bunny bunting and intructions from Good To

Even if you aren’t crafty there is so much to make and do with kids this Easter in and around your home. And if it is raining over the bank holiday weekend then what a perfect way to spend it creating lovely pieces!

Happy crafting!


Publish date: 21/09/2017