Family Life: How To Be Greener

7 ways to achieve a greener lifestyle in your family home

It is no secret that families generate a lot of unwanted waste each week. There is a great deal of food waste and packaging from food and toys produced within our family homes – that we simply throw away.
Living green doesn’t mean a sacrifice on life or style. Plus it certainly doesn’t involve much hard work at all! Smarter choices can ensure that you do your part, all the while looking (and feeling) good about your contribution to our planets wellbeing.
You will also set a good example to your children who will hopefully be encouraged to follow your footsteps and live a greener life themselves growing up.

So here are 7 ways that you can achieve a greener lifestyle in your family home:

1. Re-cycle
If your local council provides bins or bags to recycle with, then do use them! It is a good feeling when you recycle your waste, plus it keeps the main bin clutter free. There are so many storage solutions for recycling on the market that cater for all homes.
2. Water butt
Put a rain barrel by your downspout to collect rainwater to use in your garden for later. This is great for watering the garden using a watering can, and far better than using from the hose.
3. Compost heap
Food waste can smell inside. Create an area in the garden for compost and use it for peelings and leftovers.
4. Heating
Lower your thermostat by a few more degrees and cosy up under a blanket instead. Or perhaps add a thicker duvet onto the beds. If you do need the heating on then turn radiators off in rooms that you don’t use very often. This will save you money on heating bills too.
5. Plastic bags
Most of us have to pay for plastic bags now anyway, so why not use reusable shopping bags when grocery shopping? There are so many stylish options! Keep them near the door or in your car for remembering when out and about.
6. Clothes
Children grow out of clothes so quickly. Give old clothes to charity or hand them down to friends or family. Try not to throw clothes away. Somebody else might really appreciate it. Even if you cannot get to a charity shop there are lots of clothes banks situated on business parks or in supermarket car parks.
7. Tumble dryer
As a mum of twins I am always washing and tumble-drying clothes. Not only is this costly but it is not as green as hanging the clothes outside. I now try to get clothes out onto the washing line whenever I can and keep the dryer off!

Publish date: 09/10/2017