Modern Living: The Kitchen Diner

Kitchen/dining rooms are now seen as the hallmark of open plan spaces.

Kitchen/dining rooms are now seen as the hallmark of open plan spaces, and are hugely favoured by people for modern living.

Not only can you talk with your dinner guests whilst you are preparing food, but you can also keep an eye on the children whilst they play or as they do their homework at the table.

They are therefore sociable and convenient. They bring everyone together.

Developers of new build properties know that we love our modern living and open plan spaces.
 Kitchen/diners are therefore designed to help us to live more socially as a family, and they are usually at the heart of most new-build homes. The sleek designs and styles on offer are contemporary yet very useful.
Some also come with a separate utility room area, which is ideal for hiding away white goods in such an open plan space. And keeping hidden away coats and shoes.
During the spring and summer months is the time of year when open-plan layouts really come into their own, as the majority of kitchens include large amounts of glass to let in light and usually provide easy access to the garden. This also therefore vastly expands the living and entertaining space of a home; making BBQ’s and garden parties extremely entertaining and lots of fun.
But how do you style your open plan kitchen diner?
Here are 4 tips on getting the best from it:

1/ Get comfy.

If you can have soft seating in there then select sofas carefully: different scales and shapes (armless or high sided, L-shapes or straight ones) affect the visual flow of the space in different ways. Measure up first and make sure you get it right – the seating area plays a huge part in your living.


2/ Lighting.

Carefully planned wall and ceiling lights are a clever solution – such as LED down-lighters. Bear in mind that the scheme in one area will set the tone for everywhere else, so choose a harmonious arrangement.


3/ Pick the right table.

The dining table is THE essence of the kitchen/diner. Invest in a piece that will grow with your family, as it will likely be used every day! Shop around for any sale items or offers. Ensure that it compliments your other home décor pieces and accessories.


4/ Flooring.

Using one type of flooring throughout makes it feel larger and is far more practical. Gone are the days when the cooking and living areas in a shared space were divided with an awkward strip! If flooring needs to be practical, use wood, tile or stone, and add rugs for comfort in the living areas. 

Kitchen/diners are all about having the space to cook, eat, entertain, gather as a family and relax together. With new build homes there is no need to move house and then embark on tackling a large-scale renovation project to create the dream kitchen/diner. For they are already there and waiting to be loved!

Publish date: 21/09/2017