It's True, A New Build Home Will Help You Save You Energy.

New is greener and cheaper!

When you're thinking about buying a home, it's never just the initial price of the property that you've got to take into consideration. Removal costs, legal fees and stamp duty are just some of the other costs that you'll likely have to bear in mind. You'll also have to consider running costs in the future.

Buying a new build home means you'll be getting an exceptionally high quality home built to the latest exacting building standards. This means your home will not only stand the test of time, but will actually end up saving you a lot of money every year.


An efficient new home means savings for you.

Everyone in the home-building industry is working hard to reduce the size of the carbon foot print we leave on the planet when we develop sites for new homes. As a result, energy efficiency standards and CO2 emissions in new homes built in England and Wales are some of the best in the world.

One average, new homes built in England and Wales today are 65% more energy efficient that a Victorian house of the same style. This is achieved through a combination of innovative design and using the most modern materials available, for example installing boilers that only give you hot water when you need it, fitting modern double glazing, using quality insulation in the roof and walls, and by creating sophisticated water drainage systems.

The benefits are not only keeping you warmer in winter, but also saving you money on your utility bills every year. In addition, new homes use a series of innovative designs that mean on average they use 30%* less water than older properties.

This saves the average home owner over £50 on their water bill every year. New homes also fit water efficient sinks, toilets, baths and showers as standard; so, you not only save water, you also save money.

So, what's it worth to me?

New homes currently built in the UK are roughly 50% cheaper to run per year than the equivalent Victorian house. That could mean an annual saving of £440 for a 1-bed ground floor flat, and £1,410 for a 4-bed detached house. 

Why buying new is cheaper and greener:

Low CO2 emissions
Double glazed windows and doors
Efficient boilers
Water saving systems
Quality insulation

Article provided by the HBF as part of New Homes Week 2016

Publish date: 21/09/2017