Top Five Things A New Home Owner Should Buy

For that first weekend what's really top of the list on things to buy? Here our countdown of the top five as recommended by other homeowners.

1.Toilet roll
Yes. An absolute essential! Some previous owners may leave a roll or two in the bathrooms but you would be surprised how many don’t. Make sure you have some for moving day just in case!

A lot of wine and beer will be needed and consumed. Don’t get caught out by not being able to find the bottle opener.

3.Convenience Food
If you haven’t got acquainted with the local eateries in your new area, convenience food will be a lifesaver. Having a stash of snacks and drinks means you won’t need to figure out the oven or find a decent takeaway on day one.

4.Extension cables
One of the things many people forget to look at when buying a house is the number of sockets and their location. Make sure you have a couple of extension cables to hand so you can get all appliances set up as quickly as possible.

5.Tea towels
Another one of those little things we take for granted. Moving home can be messy work so making sure you have a pile of dry clean tea towels will be an absolute lifesaver.

Top 5 things every new home owner should buy

Publish date: 21/09/2017