How Much Will It Cost Me To Move?

When looking for a new home, there are alot of costs to account for and it can be easy to lose track of just how much you will need to move.

When looking for a first or new home, most people will only consider the house price and deposit required when saving. However, it is important to remember to set aside money for all the associated costs when moving home. Have a read through our moving costs timeline to see exactly how much you will need before planning a move:

Top Tip: make sure you check if your mortgage provider has any fees or costs associated with their mortgage such as arrangement fees, booking fees or account fees.

Broker Fee

If you are enlisting the help of an independent advisor or mortgage broker you may be required to pay a fee. This can be anywhere from £250 - £500 depending on who you use. Some however, will cover their cost through a percentage of commission from the mortgage lender.

Search Fee

One of the first costs you will need to pay for will be for the searches and valuations. Searches are needed to check any radial factors that may have an impact on your house value. For example, are the council planning to build a school near you or any major roads? It also checks the land around your home. Collectively these searches can cost around £250 - £300 but it depends on your conveyancing team.

Survey Fee

Before signing contracts you will need to get a survey for your property. Your mortgage provider will request you have a survey done, including a valuation to make sure that when they lend you the money for your house, it's worth what you have agreed to pay for it. This survey can cost anywhere between £150- £1,000 depending on the value of your property.


The deposit for your house will be dependent on your mortgage and house value. Most mortgages require you to have a 10% deposit, whilst some may need more or less. Some lenders offer a 5% deposit for first time buyers. 

Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty is calculated based on your property value . The stamp duty of a property worth the regional average of £274,000 in Yorkshire is £3,700.  See our article on stamp duty to find out what it is and how much it will cost.

Transfer Fee

This fee is the cost for the lender transferring the funds you are borrowing into the solicitors account. This usually costs around £50.  

Legal Fees 

Legal Fees usually come in between £500 to £1,500 depending on which solicitor/conveyancing team you use.

Moving Costs

Hiring a removal team will cost around £400 depending on when you are moving. This cost includes the use of the removal van and the moving of furniture and boxes from one home to the other. You can save money by undergoing the move without the help of professionals, however this can be more time consuming.

Publish date: 28/08/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder