Moving In Checklist

Congratulations on your new home! Now, before you get settled in...

Make sure that you have completed your snag list and have carried out some final checks around your property and new home.

Windows, Doors and Walls
•    Are there any surface cracks on the walls?
•    Is all the paintwork complete and free from blemishes?
•    Are the walls smooth – free from rough patches?
•    Are the locks and bolts on the doors correctly engaged?
•    Do the doors open and close properly?
•    Are there even gaps between doors and frames?
•    Are window frameworks free from damage?
•    Do windows open and close properly?
•    Are window locks correctly engaged?
•    Are windows free from scratches and cracks?

Kitchens and Bathrooms

•    Is all equipment correctly fitted?
•    Do all the doors and drawers open correctly?
•    Are extractor fans fitted correctly and working?
•    Are all units fitted correctly and free from blemishes?
•    Are all sanitary fittings clean and undamaged?
•    Does the toilet flush and fill correctly?
•    Are there any visible leaks?
•    Have appliance instructions and guarantees been provided?  
•    Is grouting finished neatly in between tiles?

Floors, Stairs and Loft Spaces

•    Are rails and banisters fitted correctly?
•    Are treads level?
•    Are floors clean and well presented?
•    Are floor tiles correctly laid and complete - in particular around fittings?
•    Is the loft space insulated?

Pipes, Radiators and Fireplaces

•    Are pipes fitted securely?  
•    Are the radiators painted and fitted correctly to the wall?
•    Is the fireplace clean and secure?


•    Is all brickwork free from damage and evenly finished?
•    Has all building debris been removed?
•    Has the garden been finished according to specification?
•    Are fences secure with gates in working order?
•    Does the garage door open and shut properly?
•    Is the guttering and external pipework secure?
•    Is there clear access to the property?
•    Are there any visible cracks, leeks or blockages in external pipes, guttering or roof?

If you do find any problems with your new home, make sure you take photographs and report any damages to your housing developer as soon as possible.

Publish date: 28/08/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder