Three Things To Make Settling Into Your New Home Easier

From blogger Sophie Davidson

Right now, the housing market is booming. With interest rates at their lowest for quite some time, it’s no wonder that buying a house may be at the forefront of your mind this year.

With that said, have you ever considered the things you should do once you’ve signed and sealed the deal? The small things that will make your move and settling in as comfortable as possible? Take a look at the three things you should be doing once you’ve brought your bits into your new home.

Introduce yourself to the neighbours:

Research by 247 Blinds revealed that 1 in 15 of us enjoy a little spy on those who live close by! You always get those who take a peek from behind the curtains when you’re in the garden! What’s worse is that research shows that 22 million of us like to leave our curtains and blinds open – the perfect opportunity for peering eyes!

So definitely introduce yourself once you’ve moved in. This gives you the opportunity to allow your neighbours to get to know you, and prevents the awkward spying they could potentially do if you didn’t make the move to say hello!

Scope out the area:

It’s so important to get to know your new neighbourhood. Take a walk around and see what it has to offer. Is there a local pub? If you have children, do you know what the local schools have to offer or whether there are local parks or possible play groups that you could utilise if you’re looking to make some new friends? This could be a great opportunity, particularly if you’ve moved to a new city.

Do you know what the shopping is like? Or if there are local activities available in your area? If you’re able to immerse yourself into your new surroundings you’ll find it a lot easier to become familiar with your new home.

Have a house warming:

Put your beer pong and decks in the garage and opt for a nice dinner with friends and family. Don’t forget you also want to make a good impression on your fellow neighbours, so a loud party may not be the best option just yet!
Bring your nearest and dearest, order a pizza, grab some beer and wine and have a relaxing night in.

Publish date: 11/01/2018