What To Do With Your Cardboard Boxes After Moving House?

We’ve come up with some great ways to use all those cardboard boxes after you’re all unpacked

One thing you need in abundance when you’re moving house is cardboard boxes.

They are the go to packing material that’s perfect for bundling away all your cups, clothes, books and belongings. The trouble is, after you’ve unpacked at the new place and got settled in, those boxes that were once so useful, become an unwelcome pile of rubbish…but it doesn’t have to be this way!

Here at New Home Finder we’ve come up with some great ways you can continue to put all those cardboard boxes to good use even after you’re all unpacked.

Keep them!

Okay, so you don’t want them lying around the house, but most new build homes come with at least an under stairs cupboard and some loft space, perhaps even a garage as well, so why not store those cardboard boxes away ready for storing things at a later date?

Turn them into gift boxes

Cardboard boxes can be cut, folded, drawn on, glued over, painted, wrapped… the list is really endless, which is why they are the perfect starting point for everything from gift boxes to gift tags. Keeping a store of cardboard boxes on standby ready for Christmas is especially great if you’re gifting things like homemade hampers or awkwardly shaped presents that would otherwise be a nightmare to wrap.

If getting creative isn’t really your thing, then simply covering your cardboard box in wrapping paper is simple but very effective. However, if you do like getting crafty then how about having a go at something a little more advanced like these amazing designs using yarn by One Sheepish Girl?

Create a weed barrier

If you’re a keen gardener or even if you prefer an easy life, then cardboard is a great way to tackle weeds. All you need to do to make an environmentally friendly weed barrier is to trim back the problem area of weeds and grass and lay a single layer of cardboard directly over the trimmed area.

If the area needs more than one piece of cardboard to cover it, then be sure to overlap the edges of your cardboard pieces so no weeds can grow up between them. Once in place, soak the cardboard with water and weight it down. You can use carefully placed rocks to do this or a thin layer of mulch, whatever you prefer. Then simply water the cardboard regularly and ensure the drainage is adequate to avoid rot or pests and voila!

What To Do With Your Cardboard Boxes After Moving House?

Top up your compost

On a similar theme, you can also compost your cardboard boxes to give your garden a nutrient boost. You can compost corrugated cardboard and flat cardboard - so that covers your old moving house boxes as well as your weekly cereal boxes and other kitchen packaging too.

To make the composting easier, remove any tape, staples or other materials attached to the cardboard that won’t biodegrade. Then rip it up or shred it into as many small pieces as you can. Soaking it in water is a good idea too to help speed up the process.

Then simply add layers of cardboard to your compost heap, mixing it in with things like grass clippings, fruit peel and soil. For step by step instructions then head over to Gardening Know How to get composting your cardboard boxes today. 

Entertain the kids

The internet is absolutely full of creative and educational things you can make out of cardboard boxes to help keep your kids entertained throughout the summer holidays. You can make tunnels, mazes, houses, kitchens, cars, costumes, games, swings, basically whatever you can think of. For some amazing examples check out Buzz Feed’s 31 Things You Can Make With A Cardboard Box. Our personal favourite from this list has to be Backyard Drive In.

Entertain the cat!

Cats love to scratch and for many of us that’s resulted in ruined furniture - but not if you rustle up a cardboard cat scratcher like this one from Instructables. These homemade cardboard cat scratchers are just as effective as the standard shop bought versions and not only will it put your old moving boxes to good use, it’ll also save you some money on cat accessories as well.

Entertain The Cat With Cardboard Boxes

Decorate your home

Last but by no means least, you can even add a little extra style into your home by turning your old cardboard boxes into one of these super stylish stag head decorations and it really isn’t as tricky as it looks thanks to PDF templates like these from Guide Patterns.

For even more creative uses for your leftover cardboard boxes and moving house materials then check out Life Hack.

Last but not least, recycle them!

And last but not least, if you really have no reason to keep hold of your cardboard boxes, then make sure you recycle them - don't simply throw them away to go to landfill. 

Publish date: 16/04/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder

Url: https://www.newhomefinder.co.uk/new-home-info/moving/what-to-do-with-your-cardboard-boxes-after-moving