Redrow Event To Bring Hartford Holiday Cheer For Charity

Housebuilder Redrow is decking its halls and putting the sparkle into festivities at Hartford Grange to raise much-needed money for a north west charity.

‘A Happy Hartford Christmas’ is being held at Redrow’s luxury development near Northwich on Thursday, December 8, from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. 
And not only will the festive fayre be filled with fun and Yuletide treats for customers and visitors old and new, it will swell the coffers of Meningitis Now – a charity close to the heart of one of Redrow’s own sales consultants.
Amy Houlihan’s son Ashton was just 11 months old when he was struck down by the potentially fatal meningococcal meningitis virus. Quick thinking and prompt help by medics meant Ashton made a full recovery – but Amy and husband Paul, 39, have never forgotten the charity’s support in helping them cope with the aftermath of such a traumatic event.
Amy, 33, a consultant at Weaver Park, also in Hartford, said: “Ashton’s illness progressed so quickly from him being a little off his milk to having a soaring temperature which I couldn’t bring down.
“I decided to take him to the walk-in centre at my GP’s surgery and by the time I had made the five-minute journey from home Ashton had a rash on his face which began to spread.”
Medics at the centre gave the tiny baby an antibiotic to stop the rash and virus spreading before rushing him to hospital.
“Ashton was in hospital for a week and had to have the antibiotics administered at home for 10 days after that. It was only due to prompt action that Ashton made a full recovery and has suffered no after effects. Meningitis comes on so quickly and other children are not so lucky. Some don’t survive and others need life-saving and life-changing surgery.”
Amy, whose son Ashton is now seven, added: “It was afterwards when I felt guilty and worried I could have done more that I contacted the then Meningitis Trust and they reassured me that there was nothing more I could have done. They offered counselling and just helped us through. That’s why Paul and I do what we can to raise money so Meningitis Now can do its fabulous work in supporting people like us and raising awareness for this terrible illness.”
Amy’s employer Redrow Homes was more than happy to help spread the word. Visitors can support the charity and have fun by attending A Happy Hartford Christmas event, which will include a visit from Father Christmas and scrumptious seasonal goodies like hot chocolate and delicious spicy mulled wine on offer.
There will be carols and Christmas music courtesy of the Northwich Pop Choir and Chester-based Deva Brass Band. The evening will be attended by the Mayor of Northwich, Cllr Kevin Rimmer, and there will be raffles and a host of other activities to get everyone in the holiday mood, plus the chance to sneak a peak at Redrow’s stunning Hartford Grange properties.
“Christmas is coming, and we’d like to help people embrace the festive spirit,” said Jason Newton, sales director for Redrow Homes (NW). “We would love to invite people to come to Hartford Grange and take the chance to see Santa before he gets too busy, and enjoy lots of wonderful Christmas music and treats.
“And we would like them to support such a wonderful charity, Meningitis Now, which has helped our own staff member Amy and many others throughout the north west through such a difficult time.”
Christine Hughes, community support officer for Meningitis Now, added: “Events like this are invaluable in helping to raise much-needed funds so we can carry on offering support to parents like Amy and Paul and making as many people as possible aware of this illness.
“There has been much progress in terms of the development of vaccines for many strains of the disease, but we still need to make sure people are aware of it and know to act quickly. Christmas is a happy time, and we want to try to ensure it stays that way for everyone.”
‘A Happy Hartford Christmas’ will be held at Hartford Grange on Walnut Lane Hartford, on Thursday, December 8, from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.
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Meningitis Now is a charity dedicated to helping eradicate meningitis, raise funds and awareness, and provide support for those affected with advice, counselling, financial help and more.
For more information contact the Helpline on 0808 8010388 or visit

Amy, Paul and Ashton at Hartford Grange where the festive event will take place in aid of Meningitis Now.

Publish date: 11/09/2017

Publisher: New Home Finder