Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Retirement Living

For the many people who choose retirement living, it isn’t just about finding a new home. It’s about embracing a whole new approach to life. Here are five reasons why you should choose retirement living

Rightsizing not downsizing

For some people who are still living in the long-standing family home years after their children have moved out, the house they’re left with can simply feel too big with rooms seldom used. Having to keep on top of chores such as cleaning spare rooms can become time consuming, and for many people looking to enjoy and make the most of their retirement, home maintenance and repairs can be taxing and not worth the time it takes. Furthermore, even with two people still living in a home, paying to heat and run a large property can be uneconomical, and it can often make sense to move to a smaller property with perhaps only one or two bedrooms. Smaller homes are generally much more manageable to both run and maintain, and retirement villages tend to have one and two bedroom homes available which for many residents is a much more desirable option for the future.

An active lifestyle

Many people choose to live in a retirement village because of the the active lifestyle they know they’ll be able to enjoy. Living in a town or city can mean for some that friends and activities/hobbies they like to get involved with are far apart from one another, which can make life seem a little disjointed at times. And for those that may not be able to drive, it might also be difficult even with public transport facilities to get about easily, especially in the bad weather. In a retirement village there are plenty of activities, events and groups to get involved with if it suits you, and this can be a great way of making new and long lasting friends. Spas, swimming pools, gyms, garden/outdoor spaces, hobby rooms, libraries and restaurants/bistros can all typically be found in retirement villages, and facilities are there for residents to take advantage of. The quality and range of facilities available has even prompted some residents living in retirement villages to get rid of their car upon finding that they rarely needed to leave the community.

You don’t lose your independence

Being able to live independently is important for many people, and this does not lessen as we get older. In fact, as we age, our independence can feel even more important to us. Retirement living does not mean that you lose your independence, and this is why so many people choose and enjoy living in a retirement village. Residents own their own home within the retirement village (at some villages you can choose to rent), and are therefore responsible for looking after their home and paying their bills. Residents can also decorate their home as they see fit, install features such as broadband and can also come and go as they want and invite family and friends over for as long as they like. A plus point however for many living in retirement villages is that help/care is there should they ever need it, which for many is a great comfort. Residents can get help with washing, dressing, ironing, cleaning, meal preparation, shopping and can also get somebody to attend appointments and social activities with them and receive extra help and support if they’ve felt unwell and are recovering from illness.

A safe and secure environment

Regardless of age, everyone wants to feel safe in their own home and one benefit of retirement villages is that they have many safety and security features installed to give residents peace of mind. Many retirement villages have 24 hour emergency services, and others can also have 24 hour on site management. Other security measures in retirement villages include sensor lighting, alarms and camera entry systems. Many will also let residents add their own additional safety features such as another lock on their front door if they choose to, however the security at many of these retirement villages is robust enough on its own that the majority of residents shouldn’t feel the need to introduce their own security measures. 

Pets are welcome 

Moving to a new home and being forced to give up and rehome a pet can be an incredibly upsetting and distressing experience for all involved. This can be especially true for those who might be looking to move on their own and who have always found a comfort in their pet’s companionship. One of the really great things about retirement villages is that pets are welcome, meaning that for those looking to move into a retirement village needn’t worry about having to experience the pain of parting with their pet in order to move to somewhere more suitable. You can read more about pets in retirement living here

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Publish date: 28/08/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder