The First Time Sellers Guide To Ensuring A Quick Sale

From blogger Sophie Davidson

A lot of column inches are dedicated to the process involved in buying a house for the first time and understandably so. The first time you do anything in life is a learning curve and buying a house can be a costly, time consuming and stressful process.
Yet it’s far from the only rung on the housing ladder. What do you do when you’re ready to climb up further? What if you’re a first time seller? Just because you’ve bought a home doesn’t mean you’ll know much about selling one. It’s likely that you’ll want to get on with things as quickly and as pain-free as possible. So, here are the things to consider if you’re in this position:

The Price Is Right
Some sales can drag on for a long time and, when they do, they will often result in the seller having to reduce their price in order to attract a buyer. Setting the ‘right’ price won’t guarantee that your sale happens straight away but it will give you a better chance by placing you in the most appropriate price bracket. This is especially relevant in an era in which people search for properties online and set an ‘upper limit’ to their results. Set your sights too high and your target buyers won’t even see your house.
It’s important not to let your heart – or an over-zealous estate agent – rule your head. You might have a great attachment to your property and wish to slap a big price tag on it but if no-one is prepared to pay that figure then you’re stuck. A quick search online will allow you to see the ‘going rate’ for your street and the streets around you.

The Right Buyer
Another way to ensure a quick sale is to attract the right sort of buyer. A first time buyer, cash buyer or someone with no ‘chain’ is more likely to be able to complete the sale quickly, as they’re not relying on anyone else to be able to get over the line. Outside of this, it might be helpful if you can see that a buyer has a ‘decision in principle’ on a mortgage.

Dressed To Impress
The moment that your house goes on the market it needs to be ready for sale. That might mean putting some time, effort and maybe even more money into preparing your property. Any niggling issues – wonky kitchen cupboards or leaking taps – need to be fixed to avoid distracting people as they tour your property. You might also need to ‘de-personalise’ any rooms that might not be to the taste of others and be ready to welcome people into your home at the drop of a hat if they wish to view it. TV guru Sarah Beeny estimates that a clean, clutter-free, neutral home could also add to the value too.

Ditch The Traditional Route
There is a way to ditch the hassle of dealing with estate agents, waiting for viewings and preparing your home completely. Instead of sleepless nights pondering ‘who will buy my house? you can turn to a company that will snap this up for you and get the cash within a matter of days. You will receive slightly less than the market value but it may well prove worth it to avoid the stress, and allow you to move on with your life quickly.

Publish date: 13/04/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder