Home Automation Life Hacks

Dynamic Networks talk taking control and party time tech.

Who hasn’t watched Wallace and Gromit in The Wrong Trousers, secretly wishing that their morning alarm would set a series of gadgets in motion that would get them out of bed, dressed and fed a hearty breakfast before leaving for work?
We can’t quite offer you that dream, but we can certainly help you discover the latest tech that could see you move a few steps closer to it.

Here are just a few ways in which home automation can make your life easier. 

Never miss another delivery 

Rooting around behind your wheelie bin to retrieve a soggy parcel is no fun. The intelligent access control devices now on the market mean that, from wherever you are, you can see on your smartphone when someone’s knocking at the door, choose whether or not to let them in and even open the door for them to leave your parcel safe and dry. 

A sharper exit 

Home automation tech lets you set different scenarios for your home that can be activated with a single click. For example, a ‘leaving the house’ scenario might include turning off the lights, adjusting the central heating temperature and activating the burglar alarm, shaving valuable minutes off your morning routine. 

Party time

LED and wireless technology can give you total control of the lighting in your home. Colour and brightness can be controlled at the click of a button and pre-programmed displays allow you to set the mood for a quiet evening in or create a party atmosphere. Integrating your sound system with your lighting takes this a step further, and means that you could go as far as creating your very own dance tent, silent disco or chill out zone in different rooms of your house. 

Taking control

The smart home doesn’t necessarily even need you to be at the other end of a phone to be in control. It doesn’t take too much imagination to envisage a scenario where you leave the house in glorious sunshine and, 30 minutes later, it’s pouring with rain. Home automation tech now features sensors that mean doors, windows and shutters can be opened or closed automatically if there are changes in the weather.

All of these scenarios are achievable using technology that’s on the market now. Our advice is to start with what you actually want to achieve through home automation, which will help you find the technology that will deliver to your needs and also to your budget. 

To find out more about the practicalities of home automation, visit the Dynamic Networks website.

Publish date: 08/09/2017