Technology In The Home

How we use technology, as a family of four, in our new-build home:

One of the advantages of new-build living is that developers know that modern families like (and require) technology and gadgets, and that we find it hard to live without them!

From heating, to the Internet, to technology in the kitchen – modern homes are built to be up-to-date and efficient.
Technology has changed the way we live in our homes today.

Connectivity to the Internet at ever-faster speeds is becoming increasingly important by families as more people work and study from home and also require streaming and gaming.

(Image to the right shows home and lifestyle blogger Jess Soothill, a.k.a Mummy Of Boy Girl Twins enjoying using that all important technology to run her popular blog from the comfort of her own home. 

Here are just some of the ways in which we use technology, as a family of four, in our new-build home:


On our development (in a rural village) we have a superfast broadband connection up to 300mbs, which means that we can all be on separate devices without any slow connection. This is ideal as I work from home within social media and can work effectively and capably without any interruptions or issues. As a family we can also watch videos directly from the Internet without any issues on quality.
Smart TV 

We have a smart TV, which means that we can connect to the Internet from it and watch the latest series and films at the click of a button. When we moved into our new-build home the TV points were already built in – meaning no cables or mess.

The building is particularly well insulated using the latest materials meaning it is extremely efficient. The boiler is brand new and therefore working to full capacity, with a peace-of-mind warranty included. We have certainly noticed that our heating bills have come down a great deal since moving. In addition to this we use the heating far less (even though our new home is much larger) as it feels so much warmer than in our old home.
Kitchen gadgets

From double ovens to a brand new dishwasher, everything is efficient, new and complete with a warranty. This enables us to be able to have contemporary living and makes for a much easier life!
Fire alarms

These are built into our new-build home, and are electric which means that we don’t have to worry about batteries or replacing them. Mains smoke alarms are safe and means that you can forget about them whilst they protect the family.
In the future technology will only advance and become even smarter. A connected home is the home of the future; sometimes referred to as a ‘smart’ home. This means that all electrical devices are connected to each other and are often connected to the Internet too. This will provide maximum convenience to the residents in operating the home, and enables both the home and the residents to access a wide variety of external digital services.

Publish date: 08/09/2017