?Protecting Your Home After A Renovation: 5 Things To Consider

While you’ve been turning your house into your dream home, security has probably been the last thing on your mind.

However, there’s no use going to all the hard work of renovating only to make it easy for a thief to break into your new nest. 

Not only will you have to notify your house insurance provider of the changes you’ve made, but you will also need to contemplate a few things yourself. There are a few things to consider after a renovation and to make it easier for you to check up on your security; we’ve compiled a list of five things to look out for.

Shut The Front Door

You may have an extremely beautiful wooden door now, but is it secure? According to research carried out by Safewise, 34% of burglars enter homes through the front door either by force of entry or because careless homeowners have left their door unlocked. For the ultimate security, you ideally need a five-lever deadlock (the one where you lift the handle up to lock) and the lock fitted should be up to the British Standard 3621. It’s also advised that you avoid thin panels such a frosted glass, fit a spy hole, door chain and carry out regular maintenance on the door hinges to make sure they’re still strong. 

Install A Security System

You may have lived in a house in the past with an alarm but not have considered it in your new property. It’s often easiest to talk to neighbours when it comes to choosing a security system. There’s usually a local supplier who will have a good reputation and be close by, just in case you have any queries or technical difficulties. It’s also a good starting point to get chatting to your neighbours; they’re good allies to have so that they can look out for you when you’re away. 

Secure Your Windows

Double-glazing and windows with locks have been proven to deter even the craftiest of criminals. Make sure you keep keys in a safe and memorable place so that you can still use the windows but always lock them when you’re out of your home. If you’re unable to fit double-glazed windows you could consider security film which prevents glass from shattering and makes your windows stronger. This will slow down and even prevent thieves from entering your property all together. 

Light Things Up 

Outdoor lighting is a sure way to deter criminals as it means neighbours and people passing by could spot them trying to get into your home. You could install low-level lighting that is movement censored to help you see when you get home in the dark but also to see when someone you’re not expecting is approaching your house at night. 

Pay Attention To Your Garden

Most burglars are opportunists which means they don’t necessarily carry around the tools for breaking into your home with them, just in case they bump into someone. When money expert Toby Wayne let reformed burglar, Michael Fraser, into his home for the Mail on Sunday, one of his discoveries was how burglars will look in your garage, garden sheds and back yard for tools to break in with, some people even leave ladders out. 

“You don’t want to get caught with tools on you,” says Michael. “Most burglars will improvise and just use something you have left outside the home.” Chances are that after a renovation you’ve got quite a bit of kit lying around outside your home so make sure you have cleared up and that sheds, garages and other outside areas are secured with padlocks or grilles. 

This article was kindly provided by blogger Sophie Davidson.

Publish date: 18/09/2017