25 Top Spring Cleaning Hacks You Need To Know For Your Home

All you really need are lemons, vodka, old newspapers and a few bottles of coca cola

Life’s too short to spend hours and hours cleaning, so why not make the household chores a little bit easier with these top twenty five cleaning hacks? Almost all of them use everyday household items too, so no more expensive shopping bills for fancy wipes, sprays and polishes. All you really need are lemons, vodka, old newspapers and a few bottles of coca cola...

1. Run lemon and vinegar ice cubes through your sink and rubbish disposal to keep it smelling fresh and clean.
2. Take a toothbrush to the bathroom tiles to keep them sparking and the grout white.
3. Then bring your bathroom tiles back to a sparkling shine with baking soda and bleach.
4. Refresh your mattress with a light spritzing of vodka.
5. Dust first, then vacuum. So simple but so worth it.
6. Clean your blinds with an old sock, just wear it like a mitten and wipe away.
7. Use WD40 to erase scuff marks of the floor.
8. Steam clean your microwave with a jug of water and some lemons.

9. Clean the toaster with cream of tartar and water.
10. Remove scratches from CDs and DVDs with toothpaste and a banana. 
11. Rub a thin layer of car wax over your stove after cleaning to keep it shiny and to help stop food from sticking.
12. Remove grease stains on walls and clothes with chalk.

13. Mix coffee grounds with plant soil to give your garden plants a super-charged nitrogen boost.

14. Polish mirrors with screwed up newspapers to avoid streaks and water marks.
15. Use a hairdryer to remove water rings from wood surfaces and then bring it back to life with a little olive oil.
16. Remove the hairs from your carpet with a squeegee.
17. Pick up glitter with a ball of play dough.

18. Remove oil stains from driveways and garage floors with a splash of coca cola.
19. Line your refrigerator shelves with cling film to keep them free from leaks and spillages.
20. Remove lipstick stains from clothes and towels by spraying them with hairspray, letting it set and then dabbing with a damp cloth.
21. Dust lampshades with lint rollers.
22. Clean out bottles with a handful of raw rice, warm water and a squirt of washing up liquid. Just shake then rinse.
23. Pick up broken glass (even the tiny shards) by pressing a slice of white bread over the area.

24. Save silica gel packs and use them to dry out just about everything, from waterlogged electronics to under sink cupboards and damp corners.
25. Screw up a few pages of a newspaper and chuck into the bottom of your kitchen bin to absorb bad smells and leaks.

Publish date: 10/04/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder

Url: https://www.newhomefinder.co.uk/new-home-info/tips-advice/25-top-spring-cleaning-hacks-you-need-to-know