Jess Soothill's Best Buys For Your Home

If you are moving home then chances are you are moving to a larger or smaller property, or perhaps it might be your first home. Whatever the reason for the move, most people like (and need) to have new and updated furniture, appliances and accessories to fit into their new property.
We have just moved into a new-build family home and it is considerably bigger than where we lived before. Plus a lot of the storage was built-in in our previous 1900 cottage. So moving day was quite light! We have therefore bought and sourced lots of items since we moved in order to furnish and complete our family home.
But what exactly do you need and what are the best buys for your new home?

Here are the 5 top things to consider when moving house:

Household appliances

Often old appliances don’t fit into the kitchen or utility area in your new home. We had a huge American-style fridge freezer in our previous property that was built in, there was no way it was coming with us! Our new fridge/freezer is built in and part of the new kitchen as well as the dishwasher. However, often appliances such as washing machines, wine coolers and tumble dryers aren’t included so do check before you move.

( is a great place to find modern appliances which can be delivered quickly and easily so you're not stuck without the essentials after your big move).

Fitted wardrobes and purpose-built storage cannot be taken with you when you move so it is often something that people need to arrange once they have moved into their new property. Any freestanding storage can be taken but might not always fit into the new spaces in a new home. Measure up large storage items before you move.
Beds and sofas

Essential furniture items such as beds, dining tables & chairs and sofas are usually the top purchases that people make when they move. Our large L-shaped sofa that we had in our previous living room didn’t fit in the new house! So we popped that into the playroom and had to source two new sofas for the living room. Check out second hand websites for good deals on these larger items if you can’t afford to buy everything brand new at once.

Don’t forget the little things! Items such as lamps, side tables, rugs, towels, cushions, kitchenware, bedding, curtains and blinds all make ‘a house a home’. There is no rush for buying some of the decorative accessories for moving day but it is nice to have these within the property for making it feel a more cozy and welcoming space.

If you are moving into your first home, or to a property with a larger garden than you had before, then chances are you haven’t got the right tools and equipment needed to maintain the new outdoor space. Essential items include a lawnmower, hedge trimmer and weeding/planting tools. If you have an entertaining area too and want to use it to cook and socialize then a BBQ and a table and seating is also usually something else that people like to purchase for their new home.

Have fun moving and enjoy furnishing your new home!

Publish date: 10/04/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder