Getting Started With The New Home Hub

Have you registered for a New Home Finder Hub account?

If not, here are some of the many reasons why we think you should, and you don’t have to be in the market for a new home to make the most of it!

At New Home Finder we are about more than just helping you find a new home.

In fact, that’s probably the easy bit, the hard part comes when you need to think about financing your new home, getting a mortgage, choosing a payment scheme or offer, conveyancing and all those other slightly scary financial and legal requirements. 

Then once you’ve bought a house you will need to move into it, and for a new build home you’ll be thinking about snagging lists and building sites, warranties, insurance and guarantees.

And even then it doesn’t end, what about two or three years down the line when you need to redecorate? Or create a new nursery for a new arrival?

It really can be a minefield of jobs to do and things to remember, which is why we support you through the whole process with our dedicated New Home Info area full of checklists, articles, news items and personal stories, all of which you can save to your New Home Hub.

Keeping it personal

You can update your New Home Hub profile with details about what you are looking for and the things you are interested in too, to help us ensure we are delivering you useful content. You can tell us a little or as much about what you are looking for as you like, so there’s no obligation to fill in hundreds of forms, it's simply there for you to use it in the best way for you. 

A safe space

A safe space where you can save everything you need whether you’re moving home or just thinking about decorating the en-suite bathroom. You can easily add properties and articles from the New Home Finder website into your hub by simply clicking on the plus icon. We also have a Pinterest integration for the Hub too so you can pull through your favourite home décor mood board and useful pins.

More often than not, all these decisions of where to live right through to how to decorate are joint decisions, and it can be hard finding the time to sit down together and figure it all out. This is another area where the Hub can help; you can share your entire New Home Hub with a partner, parent or roommate so you can share ideas on the go. 

The New Home Hub of the future

But all this is only the first step, we have recently added the functionality allowing you to store useful content and websites from other sites across the internet as well, so you can carefully curate your own home resource. We think this is a great way to build a home shopping list, by collecting links to products or even tools and materials you need to finish a job or a room in your home.

That way the list is accessible to you and anyone you’ve shared your Hub with, so you can collect things on the list as and when you find the time. 

We’re also hoping the Hub will become a resource for exclusive discounts and deals from our partners as well. This is just one more way in which we hope to reward our loyal hub users as well as making it even easier for you to buy, sell, re-mortgage, furnish and decorate your home. Make sure you have an active Hub account so you can keep receiving the latest discount codes and offers direct from our partners.

But this is just the beginning, we also have even more plans to add more functionality to the Hub to make it more useful than ever, so watch this space…

Publish date: 10/04/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder