How To Effectively Change Your Room Layout

Blogger Jess Soothill gives us her top tips to achieve this inexpensive but effective idea

An inexpensive, and easy way to change the look and feel of a room is to change the position of furniture and key accessories. Sometimes it creates a whole new outlook and gives a new feeling to the room - without needing to spend money buying new pieces or redecorating.

My friends giggle when they come around to our home, because every few months or so, I like to have a move around. Trying sofas or tables in different positions, and swapping accessories around from room to room.
Why? Well I like change, and get bored easily, and so this is such a great way of changing the focus of rooms and giving them a new identity. Plus sometimes a piece of furniture just doesn't work in a certain position or place, and so moving it means that it's given a new purpose somewhere else.
Also, as the months and years pass, our home decor often needs to change with us - as a family. Because our needs and wants change.

So how do you change a room around effectively? Here are my 4 tips:

Create a focal point

The first step is to create a new focal point for the chosen room. Possibly a fireplace, dining table, bed or a coffee table. Focus on this and position the rest of your furniture to compliment it / work with it. Having an end goal usually means more success.
Try furniture and accessories from other rooms

I took a chair (that was in the kitchen) upstairs into our master bedroom recently and it changed that room immediately. It gave it a softer, more elegant feel, plus is it practical in there too. The corner was lacking inspiration and the chair works well with the bedroom colour scheme! Maybe try furniture or pictures, cushions, rugs etc from other rooms and see if they work better somewhere else.
Keep moving

If something doesn't look right, keep changing it's position. You will end up getting it right! Sometimes issues such as the position of the sun can really affect where items go, and therefore trying several positions is often a good idea.
Tip: always get help moving large or heavy furniture, and never lift anything awkward on your own.
Create a new style

I have just moved all of our yellow accessories (rug, vases, prints) from the living room into our bland and bare hallway and it has instantly brightened up the space! The rug feels welcoming and warm underfoot as there is a wooden floor in there. I am also currently creating a grey and white 'Scandinavian look' in the living room and have moved white, cream, black and grey furniture and modern accessories in to change the style of the room. This is reflective of current trends and styles. It has instantly given it a new feel and has completely changed the style of the room.
Sometimes it doesn't take much to change the focus of a room, or give it a new identity, and it's a great way to breathe some new life into a space within the home.

Publish date: 12/04/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder