How To Spot The Perfect Postcode

When it comes to spotting the perfect postcode, it is best to think with your heart AND your head!

On the one hand, it is important to pick a postcode in a location you feel you will really enjoy living. With the right amenities, schools and shops nearby as well as the right kind of vibe and personality.

On the other hand, especially if you’re not buying your forever home and instead are looking for a shorter term property, perhaps to get your foot on the ladder. Then it’s important to think with your head.

That means considering the benefits of a particular area over another. 

Thinking With Your Heart

If you are going to let your heart make the decisions, then looking at things like the kind of people in your area is a good place to start... after all if you’re going to be living there you need to be able to get on with your neighbours.
One of the best (and most fun) sources for this kind of information is a study conducted by The Royal Mail and covered in this blog by This Is Money.

The research revealed the key characteristics of particular UK postcodes. So for the happily married among you, you may well be suited to living in Poole, which has one of the highest populations of married couples in the country. If there’s a place to be married and proud, this is it.

If you’re looking to rub shoulders with the highly educated then making the change to city living in London is a good idea. The capital is the place where you will find more people with a degree or professional qualifications than anywhere else.

Read the article by This Is Money for more insights into the quirks and qualities of other UK postcodes.
This may seem rather trivial, but the truth is that for most of us, buying a home will be the biggest purchase decision we ever make and it really is vital that you enjoy living there.

Thinking With Your Head

If you are buying a property for a relatively short term, such as your first home, then picking a property that will be easy to sell on in a few years is a good plan.

Typically houses located in well serviced areas with strong transport links, good schools and lots of amenities will sell well. Another great asset to your home is its postcode and better yet a postcode in an “up and coming” area.
So how do you spot the up and coming hot spots?

One clear sign of an area starting to take off in popularity, is the influx of new, independent or boutique businesses. On average these types of establishments tend to be a little bit more exclusive and a little bit more expensive than their high street counterparts and that reflects a population with a little extra to spend.

Do check out the supermarkets too, while most places will have at least one of the big 4, if you happen to spot and M&S Food or a Waitrose, it could suggest an up and coming postcode too.

Other good indicators are gastro pubs and higher quality restaurants too.

Perfect Postcode Checklist

So as we said before, the best chance of finding your perfect postcode is to make the decision using your heart and your head, so here is a recap of what to consider: 

Are the people living nearby like-minded?

Can you spot people doing things you like to do in the area? For example:
Dog walking

What are the transport connections like?
Can you get to work easily?
How far away is family?

Are the schools ranked highly by Ofsted?

Can you find lots of independent businesses on your local high street?

Which of the big supermarkets have moved in?

And most important of all, do you like the area?

Is it lively enough or quiet enough?
Do you have any emotional connection to the place, like feeling excited to visit?

Publish date: 16/02/2018

Publisher: New Home Finder