How To Use Pink, The PANTONE Colour Of The Year, In Your Home

Blogger Jess Soothill gives us her tips for working with pink.

For the first time, the blending of two shades – Rose Quartz (pink) and Serenity (blue) has been chosen as the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2016.

The company, whose colour choices tend to forecast trends in fashion, design, and home decor, says it chose the hues for their tranquility and gender duality, banishing the age-old tradition that pink is for girls and blue for the boys.

Making the selection of pale pink and baby blue by Pantone will have a significant impact on interior design and home décor for 2016 and as a result we will see the style grow throughout the year. In fact, the rose colour is already making an influence within peoples homes.
But how do you work with pink successfully? Well, most people think pink and think little girls’ bedrooms, which of course does look cute, granted. But how else can you incorporate soft pink into your home without going too overboard on the feminine look?

Here are 4 spaces in most homes, in which to apply the trend to these key rooms:

Living room

Go for cushions, throws, prints, photographs, vases etc against white or grey walls and furniture. This way the main colours in the room are neutral and light, and the pink just adds colour as well as softening the room and giving it more warmth. Use textures within home décor to add more dimension – such a fluffy throws or thick pile rugs.

Using throws, candles, bedding or rugs can add subtle hints of the rose tone and make it feel more like a luxury boudoir. Perhaps even paint a feature wall in a rose shade. Going for wallpaper with pink flowers perhaps would also look great and keep the room feeling tranquil, at one with nature and calming.


Go for it in here, adding pink into your essentials items! Such as pink mixing bowls, a pink cake mixer, and a pink clock. Perhaps go for statement art in here too adding a pop of the colour into the room. This will brighten up the space. The rose shade works well in both modern kitchens and with the country style too, so both styles can really work with the shade.

Pink towels and accessories can make a bland white space feel instantly peaceful and calming. Adding pink into a bathroom can change the look and feel of a once white or cream space.


Get inspired for your home decor. Search around in home and interiors magazines for ideas, or look online for creativeness. There are lots of ideas out there of how to incorporate pink into your home.
So as you can see the colour rose doesn’t have to be just for girls, and by adding it into your home you will see that it is such a stylish and calming colour which works so well with modern living and trends.


Publish date: 18/09/2017