The Perks Of Picking A Professional

Swap "Do It Yourself" with "Do It For Me"

Here in Britain we have enjoyed a long running love affair with DIY but now we are swapping Do It Yourself for Do It For Me, and that might not be such a bad idea…

The main reason for ‘doing it yourself’ is often to save money however, recent figures from a study by Lloyds Bank (available at Incahoot Scotland) suggest that doing it yourself only spares the pennies if you’re doing it right.
According to the research, Britons spend on average, £3,200 fixing their DIY mistakes, with 54% of those individuals citing “poor workmanship” as the likely cause of their DIY issues, emphasising the main benefit of picking a professional.

Here are the top five Do It Yourself deal breakers most of us have probably committed during our time as homeowners and more importantly, how picking a professional tradesman can help: 

1.    Being too ambitious! 

Often what looks like a fairly simple DIY job can have many underlying ramifications and when you don’t have the necessary knowledge and experience, it’s easy to  overlook them until it’s too late. 

This is where a professional tradesman comes in. They will be able to accurately assess your project and determine the materials and time needed to complete it, meaning your expectations are set from the beginning and there’ll be no nasty surprises later on.

2.    Measurements matter. 

Getting measurements wrong can lead to either wasted materials or just not enough to finish the job, making that cost effective decision to DIY exactly the opposite.

Hiring a professional tradesman will limit the likelihood of getting the measurements wrong. Also, a professional will already have a good idea of what quantities of materials are likely to be involved.

3.    Tester paint pots exist for a reason. 

As no doubt some of us have probably learned the hard way, paint colours can look vastly different on the wall compared to in the pot. 

As well as understanding the nature of paint and how colours change from wet to dry, a professional painter and decorator also understands the necessary preparation that’s needed for that perfect finish, for example smoothing walls and removing stains. The really good painters and decorators out there will even know how to hang wallpaper in a room so that any sunlight shining through the windows doesn't highlight the joins! 

4.    Not having the right tools. 

Trying to get by with the tools you have can lead to jobs taking twice as long and sometimes looking half as good as expected. Worse still, it can lead to mishaps and accidents too.

It almost goes without saying that by employing a professional tradesman, you are ensuring the job is being carried out with the right tools, allowing the project to progress efficiently and effectively.

5.    Poor budgeting. 

All too often what you think will be a £200 job can soon turn into a £2000 job if you don’t keep your budgeting in check.

When you hire a professional tradesman they will start by assessing your job and quoting you for the work. This means you know the costs involved from the beginning, allowing you to save or budget as needed, and reducing the chance of you being left with a surprise bill further down the line. 

So, will you be doing it yourself or picking a professional for your next home improvement project? 

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Publish date: 18/09/2017